Moped Style E-Bike Comparison: Euybike S4 VS. SUPER73-ZX

Euybike S4 VS SUPER73 ZX

In recent years, the e-bike market has been flooded with more and more moped-style electric bikes, which shows that more riders are increasingly inclined to use moped e-bikes to explore off-road.

The configuration of each kind of moped e-bike is different, which will bring you a different riding experience. For example, Euybike S4 and super73-zx, are all moped-style e-bikes, but their configurations also have great differences. So in this article, I will compare all of them, you will fully understand their differences, and get your favorite moped-style electric bike at an affordable price! Read on for the full article and make the most advised choice.

Comparison of Major Features

Features Euybike S4 SUPER73-ZX
Motor 1000W 600W
Battery And Range 48V25Ah
44-75 Miles
30-50 miles
Brake Hydraulic brakes Mechanical brakes
Frame High-Carbon Steel Frame Aluminum
Suspension Adjustable suspension fork Rigid
Lights And Horns Yes No
Selection of Color Black Panthro Blue, Agave Green, Ron Burgundy
Price $1399 $2395
Rider Weight Limit 400 lbs 325 lbs
Freewheel Shimano 7-speed Single Speed


The comparison in terms of the motor is the most important because the motor and its torque can directly determine the speed and climbing ability of an electric bike and having a more powerful motor allows you to climb hills with ease.
The Euybike S4 is equipped with a 1000W motor with a peak torque of 96 Nm. When you're in the 5-level, it can hit 30mph, which is nothing short of a speed freak.

The SUPER73-ZX is equipped with a 600w motor. Compared with the Euybike S4, this is of course much smaller, but it still meets your daily commuting. If you need to climb hills or ride on rough roads, choosing a larger motor is better.

Battery capacity

The second is the capacity of the battery. A battery with a large capacity allows you to ride in a long range.

The Euybike S4 is equipped with a large capacity battery of 48V25Ah, the total battery capacity is 1200 Wh. With the long-range battery, you can travel 44-75 miles per full charge, 44 miles in throttle mode, and 75 miles in pedal assist level 1 mode. Of course, if the weight of the rider is different and the road conditions are different, their battery life will also be different, which depends on the situation.

SUPER73-ZX is equipped with a 48V12.8Ah battery and the total battery capacity is 615W/H. The battery allows it to go 30-50 miles away. At 20mph under Class-2 throttle-only operation can reach 30+ miles of range and using Class-1 pedal assist mode can reach 50+ miles of range.

Brake Condition

The Euybike S4 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear, making the brakes more sensitive. The hydraulic brake provides quick braking and less effort to operate. In addition, it can be used in any weather, you don't have to worry about malfunctions in the rain.
SUPER73-ZX uses mechanical disc brakes. If there are no special requirements for braking performance, it can meet daily ridings, such as your routh having no complex road conditions and downhills. And its cost will be relatively low.
If you want to know more about brakes, you can check the difference between hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes.


A durable frame can guarantee your e-bike riding for 8 years, maybe even more. The S4 e-bike uses a high-carbon steel frame while the ZX uses an aluminum frame. They're all equally capable of taking the rider through complex terrain and are durable enough to take off-road. In terms of the appearance of the frames, they are comparable.

Euybike S4 Long-Range E-Bike


Having the perfect shock absorption can keep you from getting tired when riding rough mountains, and the Euybike S4 does it perfectly. It is equipped with mid-mounted shock absorption, in addition, to a front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment, which makes S4 easier to ride on rough terrain. Combined with the soft seat, the ride is more comfortable.
SUPER73-ZX is not equipped with shock-absorbing front forks and mid-mounted shock absorbers. The only thing that can provide riders with comfort is a soft seat.

Lights and Horns

Euybike S4 is equipped with bright front lights, rear lights, and horns that can keep safe to the rider. Front lights are a must if you're riding on unlit trails, you won't be exploring in the dark. In addition, the rear light will flash when you brake, and it can remind the vehicles behind you to keep a certain safe distance. The horn can also alert pedestrians in front of you to get out of the way and avoid hitting them.
SUPER73-ZX is not equipped with front light, rear light, and horn, and you need to buy them extra and assemble them.

Selection of color

Euybike S4 only comes in one color, which is only available in black. It won't make it difficult for you to choose if you also like black.
SUPER73-ZX has many colors for you to choose from, for example, Panthro Blue, Agave Green, Ron Burgundy, Obsidian, and so on. That means it can meet most people's requirements for color and appearance, and you can choose the color of the bike according to your preferences.

Price comparison

Regarding the price, the gap between them is relatively large. Euybike all they offer are affordable electric bikes with high quality, and S4 is only $1399 on Euybike’s official website, while SUPER73-ZX is $2395. However, because the brand influence of SUPER73 will be relatively large, its price will include a brand premium. And the Euybike S4 becomes affordable by comparison.


My final thoughts on SUPER73-ZX and Euybike S4 are below.

Choose SUPER73-ZX, if you:

Pay more attention to brand influence.
Want e-bikes that have various colors.

Choose Euybike S4, if you:

Concerned about the price of electric bicycles.
Want an e-bike that includes more accessories.
Want an e-bike equipped with a more powerful motor, large battery capacity, and better brakes.
Have a high standard of comfort and want to ride comfortably.

Currently, Euybike is on a Father's Day sale, and you can save up to $300. Ride with Euybike and enjoy!

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