Euybike NXB Fat Ebike
Euybike NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike
Euybike White NXB Fat Tire Ebike
Euybike White NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike
Euybike Green NXB Fat Tire Ebike
Euybike Green NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike
Riding NXB Fat Ebike
EUY NXB Electric Fat Bike
Euy all terrain fat tire ebike upper view

NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Free Accessories Included

  • Euy E-bike Full Fenders
    $89.00 USD FREE
  • Euy NXB Bike Rear Rack
    $79.00 USD FREE
  • 16 in 1 Repair Multi Tool
    $15.00 USD FREE
  • The NXB fat tire electric bike, Designed for snow, beach, hill, park, or cities.

    The NXB uses 20 inch x 4.0 inch fat tires, suitable for snow, sand, gravel road, etc.

    All-terrain enjoys smooth, shockproof, antiskid, comfortable, run-flat tires, Euy NXB is the fast all-terrain electric bike.

    - EUY eBikes are free shipping in the US and are 95% assembled. Just unfold the folded electric bike and ride it.
    - All EUY electric bikes come with a one-year warranty.

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    More Terrain, Go Everywhere

    The NXB fat tire e-bike is an all-terrain e-bike, suitable for urban commuting, hill off-road, beach walking, snow riding, etc. The upgraded 750W brushless motor is powerful and efficient, with strong climbing ability. 48V12.8Ah Samsung/LG large-capacity battery, it is enough to satisfy a day's riding experience. Aviation grade aluminum alloy foldable frame, light weight, small footprint after folding, can be quickly folded for storage and carrying.

    • 750 W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • 48V 12.8Ah

      Battery Capacity

    • 5-6 Hours

      Charging Time

    • 60 Miles

      Estimate Range

    • 300 Lbs

      Payload Capacity

    • 7 Speed

      Gear Shift

    • The Best Riding Companion for Mountain and City

      750W Motor 48V12.8AH Samsung/LG Battery All-Terrain Fat Tires
      Euybike Fat Tire NXB in Daylight
    • The Best Riding Companion for Mountain and City

      750W Motor 48V12.8AH Samsung/LG Battery All-Terrain Fat Tires
    • Light
    • Dark

    Strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame

    Strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame. The foldable frame of the Euy NXB is constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy. The Brinell hardness is 95 HB, the tensile strength is 260 MPa, and the tensile strength is 45000 psi. It can not only meet the strength requirements of electric bikes but also reduce weight.

    750W Powerful Motor

    Upgraded E-max motor. The NXB fat tire electric bike is equipped with a 750W brushless motor, peak 1000W output, provides superior power. Help you conquer even the most rugged terrain. Easily climb up steep hills.


    Motor Power


    Max Motor Torque

    Samsung 48V 12.8Ah Large Capacity Battery

    The NXB is equipped with a Samsung/LG 48V 12.8Ah battery, which is enough for a day's daily commuting.
    Removable battery design, can be removed for separate charging or direct charging. It takes 6-7 hours to fully charge. IPX4 waterproof rating, don't worry about heavy rain.

    30-60 Miles

    Per Charge

    615 Wh

    Total Battery Capacity

    5-6 Hours

    To Fully Charge

    Multifunctional LCD Display

    The NXB is equipped with a smart large-screen LCD display. You can view the riding mileage, gear switching, real-time speed, fault prompts and other information in real time. The "+" and "-" keys can adjust the pedal assist gear.


    Displays the current riding speed.

    Battery Capacity

    A fuel gauge for your electrons.


    Calculate how many miles you ride.

    Gear meter

    5 levels of gear adjustment

    USB Charging

    Charge your phone anytime.

    Adjustable seat

    Adjustable seat

    Ergonomically designed, height-adjustable stem and saddle seat to suit people of different heights.
    Large Rear Rack

    Large rear rack and fenders

    The heavy alloy rear rack can easily carry one person or loads. Equipped with fenders, it can prevent muddy splashes and ride with more peace of mind.
    NXB Ebike Half Twist Throttle Designed


    Smooth acceleration, easy control, less fatigue, improved safety.
    Ebike Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift

    Shimano 7-speed Shift

    Customize your ride with Shimano's 7-speed pro derailleur with a 48T crankset for smooth running.
    Fat Bike Headlight

    Bright Led Headlights

    The LED high-current lamp design has a wider range of lighting. Large floodlight, low energy consumption, and more energy saving.
    NXB 160mm mechanical disc brake

    180mm mechanical disc brake

    Front and rear disc brakes for sensitive braking performance. Provides powerful progressive braking even in the rain. When braking, the motor is powered off at the same time, making riding safer.
    Euybike NXB Front Suspension

    Suspension front fork

    The 80mm travel aluminum alloy front fork can effectively filter the impact brought by the rough road during riding.
    NXB E-bike Rear Light

    Integrated Break Light

    The taillights are automatically turned on when the brakes are applied to protect your travel.
    20inch All Terrain Fat Tires

    20" x 4.0" ALL-TERRAIN TIRES

    The CST tires provide upgraded grip and superior shock absorption ability.


    • Brand EUY

    • Battery 48V 12.8Ah lithium battery

    • Battery weight 11.46 lbs

    • Range 28-30miles (throttle)

    • Range 42-60miles (pas)

    • Hub Motor 750W rear hub motor

    • Maximum load 300 lbs

    • Recommended Rider Heights 5'1" ~ 6'5"

    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 pedal assist levels

    • Model NXB fat tire electric bike

    • Charger 48V/2A

    • Battery size 16.93"*4.02"*1.69"

    • Charging Time 5~6 Hours

    • Display LCD display with USB charging

    • Max torque 72N.m

    • Weight 66.1 lbs (with battery)

    • Weight  53.8 lbs (without battery)

    • Top Speed 28MPH


    • Tires 20" x 4.0" fat tires

    • Wheels mag aluminum alloy wheels

    • Throttle Half twist throttle

    • Brake lever Grip-style brake lever

    • Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift

    • Brake 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

    • Chain KMC Chain

    • Rear Light Integrated rearlight

    • Pedal Foldable pedals with reflectors

    • Frame 6061 Aluminum frame

    • Front Fork Alloy front suspension fork

    • Front Light 48V LED light

    • Saddle Adjustable height 11.8"

    • Fenders Plastic

    • Kickstand Aluminum


    • A -- Total Length 66"
    • B -- Handlebar Height 46"- 51"
    • C -- Rear Rack Height 26"
    • D -- Seat Height 35"- 45"
    • E -- Frame Height 29"
    • F -- Distance between seat and handlebar: 26"
    • G -- Handlebar Length 23"
    • H -- Wheel diameter 23"
    • Folded Length Width Height 38" * 23" * 27"



    Check out these testimonials!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Everything I Expected and More

    I got into my ebike journey just 6 weeks ago when I tried a friends ebike in Florida. I was hooked and had to find one that fit my size, desires, budget, and scrutiny. After scouring youtube and other places, I settled on the 20" folding ebike. Now where and which one was the next question. There are so many variations on the same bike. Same frame different components. I then created a spreadsheet with a check box system comparing the bikes I found. rated by price and highlighted some key qualifiers, which if the bike didn't have, automatically was disqualified from my prospect list of ebikes. At the end of it all, the EUY NBX Folding ebike won out with a balance between features and price.

    First, the black EUY NBX was very well packed. The Auloor (same bike with a different paint job and rear rack) wasn't packaged as well and there was some damage to the rear fender. With that said, I have been in touch with EUYbike customer service and they have been responsive and are offering to replace the fender and offer something additional to compensate for my trouble. So far the customer service has been exceptional, especially for the type of customer service that you find typically these days. If they keep up this kind of service, it will be what takes this company over the top and gets my recommendation just because of that before the products themselves.

    Some things to know about this bike. It is bigger than you may think. Those 20"x4" tires really add size and height to the bike. I am 5'8" 230lbs and anything bigger would have been too much I think. My wife is 5'4" and anything bigger would not have been possible for her to manage. It is heavy (66+lbs with battery). Even when folded, the weight makes it awkward to manage. It was tough to fit two of these in the rear of my Chevy Express van with one of the (half) seats removed.

    The build quality is impressive for the price point. Very solid. From what I can tell, hinges are strong (folding bike), weld points seem strong. You feel like you are on a quality, tough built, ebike. The quality overall has come a long way from the original videos I saw on youtube when they were just first coming out.

    The bike seat or saddle is pretty comfortable for a budget friendly ebike. You could be comfortable keeping this seat, and although I did upgrade the seat for my wife and myself, the upgrade didn't make a huge difference. I have thought about sending my upgraded seat back and sticking with the original because of this. We'll see.

    The literature and marketing says it has 160mm rotors. Don't know if I got an accidental upgrade or if the design-build has changed since published, but I received 180mm rotors.

    The motor seems to be true in its claim to be 750watts. It sure feels strong and I would venture to say it may even be nominally higher.

    Regarding the distances advertised. Note that those distances published throttle only and then with pedal assist are likely under ideal conditions including weight of the person, age and performance of your battery as well as climate you are riding in. Also, if you have a completely flat/straight area with no stops and you can make full use of the energy being provided by the bike, meaning you are not braking much if at all. Be realistic about your expectations. I have 140 miles on the bike so far and have had it for about 3 weeks. I have not drained the battery completely yet. The longest trip I've completed was 20.4 miles using pedal assist 2 for the majority of the trip. I used throttle only for the last 2.5 miles on pedal assist 5 (throttle only) averaging about 25mph. Still had plenty of battery left. Based on some calculations i've seen out there, I could have gotten another 20+ miles staying on pedal assist 2. I will push my limits one of these days.

    I do have plans for a few upgrades, but that is from learning about ebikes, my own personal experience, and personal preferences. If you never made any modifications to this bike I am sure you would be pleased with the overall quality and performance.

    This experience has inspired me to share with others and encourage them to get out there on an ebike. They are fun, and even my wife, who had no interest when I brought this up, mentioned to me yesterday that she is addicted and wants to go out again in the same day. We are biking more then ever. That's the point. EUY is a company you can trust from my own experience.

    Edward Bernard
    NXB @2,500+ miles

    I purchased the NXB fat tire almost two years ago and use it to commute to and from work mostly. I just hit 2,500 miles and have had no issues with it. The battery has lost some of its distance but still holding up but will probably need to be replaced soon. Customer service has also been great with anything I have needed help with. Can't wait to purchase another model soon.

    Great value, great bike!!

    I’m 6’7” 280lbs and it fits/handles my frame great but my 10 year old son can also ride it, although it’s too heavy for him to lift it and fold it. Overall very adjustable to the riders size and it is built SOLID!! There’s no doubt it can definitely handle more than the 300lbs they say it’s rated for. I have over 150 miles on the bike and it’s worked flawlessly. My farthest ride so far was 25 miles over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Sausalito and back with lots of hills. The bike handled pushing my big ass and backpack up those hills without issue or running out of battery. The best part is I can fit it in the trunk of my car (big trunk). My front rotor was bent when I received the bike but the customer service team quickly sent a replacement. My only complaint is the breaks don’t preform as well as I’d like but for the price they had to cut a corner somewhere. Overall this bike is very solid, performs very well and is a great value for the price. I’m very happy with this purchase.

    david rona
    Great bike

    I became immediately addicted to writing multiple times a day. I bought this bike for my health and to explore a new city I moved to and what a great combination. I bought tennis inner tube liners for both tires and have been riding with critical mass and other large groups of bikers I'm about to put LCD lights on to pimp My Ride out I have over 1300 miles on this bike and I bought it 7 months ago.

    Dustin Williams

    I bought my NXB 11 months ago I have 360 miles on it now I put several aftermarket parts on it just recently put the double crown air forks on it. This bike is awesome!!