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Fantastic Electric Bike

I really love this K6 Pro. I ride it everyday. Love the comfy seat. I looked at a ton of e bikes before I bought the Euybike K6 Pro. I'm so glad I bought it.

Excellent service 👏

Great priceat at $1,200 this is powerful well made cheap parts with upgrades youll have a way better bike than what you started with but for the value have no complaints, very fast delivery 7 days delivered amazing customer service had one issue and it was resolved quick 😀 I got a flat tire already riding on a off road trail nothing a patch won't fix I'll be upgrading to a tubeless tire in the near future, overall excellent product

One of the best purchases ever

I bought the F6 bikes for me & my husband. We love camping and the outdoors but have struggled with those activities as of late as my husband who is 69 has Parkinson’s. Well, these bikes have given him back some independence - if he’s having a bad day he can ride the multi-use trails while camping on full throttle and if it’s a good day he’ll peddle. He even rides it back & forth to coffee club to meet up with the locals at home - he loves having some independence back!

Great Bike, and Great Service

I’ve officially reached the 250 mile mark and have had plenty of time with the bike. The only issues I had were a faulty headlight that EUY quickly replaced with no cost to me. The bike tops off around 28-32 MPH depending on rider weight. I’ve had no issues thus far and it’s been a fun experience riding this bike. It’s a phenomenal bike for the price.

First e-bike

Loving the bike so far. 👍🏾

Getting Another One!!

I could spend $500-1,000 more to go 31-35 mph, or spend $700 and settle for 30mph!! I do 22mph in PAS 3. You can't do any better. And it only weighs 56lbs without the battery 👍

NXB @2,500+ miles

I purchased the NXB fat tire almost two years ago and use it to commute to and from work mostly. I just hit 2,500 miles and have had no issues with it. The battery has lost some of its distance but still holding up but will probably need to be replaced soon. Customer service has also been great with anything I have needed help with. Can't wait to purchase another model soon.

I Got Mine

Got 2 of them. First e-bikes

1 black and 1 green.
Got the black one built took it on a 8 mile ride. Pretty fun

Euybike S4 is an Absolute Blast!

I have been enjoying the S4 for the past few weeks. To date i have not depleted the battery during one ride. Range, power, comfort, styling are some key highlights. One of the best values in the entire eBike industry.

Awesome bike

I was pleasantly surprised this bike rips. It is super fun to get around on. The quality overall is more than I expected. I am only 5’3 and I can easily ride this bike not heavy at all and the bouncy suspension is great for bumpy roads.

Pretty versatile E-Bike for $1169

I did a lot of research on e-bikes prior to purchasing the S4. After receiving it, it stands up to most of my expectations.

I am disappointed that my
Kickstand constantly rubs my rear tire.

Also, I’m a 228lb rider, but it does seem the battery percentage drops pretty quickly.

I do wish there was a way to override the system to past 28mph. 35 mph would be more beneficial when riding on 30 mph streets and not getting passed by cars.

Still happy with it, would recommend it to a new e-bike owner

Blue and white auloor

I researched for a month before choosing this bike. It's hands down the funnest toy I've ever treated myself to. I lost my license and this bike has given me some freedom back. I strap a milk crate to the back full of tools and ride 25 mph steady 5 miles across town up hills. In the summer it will shut it self off from over heating if you use it like a work truck. So take it easy if it's over 100 degrees outside. The brakes kinda suck and I'm trying to find upgraded ones if anyone had any pointers. But all in all for the 800 I spent it was worth every penny. In 3 months I've just about hit 1000 miles. I get compliments on it every single time I ride it. I didn't know I was gonna have the coolest bike in Redding California . And I also pull a hot pink bike trailer with my 3 yr old daughter yelling for me to go faster. I won't go over 20 while pulling her. But it easily will. Barely feels the trailer. I liveny bike and I swear I'm about to by the same one just because it's so cheap right now at $699. Cheaper than buying new parts

New to the E-Bike community.

First of all, I wanted to say, I am new to the e-bike community and this is my first e-bike. From ordering to shipping to receiving the bike, it was pretty fast. It was easy to put together. I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on purchasing this electric bike. I decided to go with the k6 pro fat tire that folds. So far I really like it. I rode it around all day and put about 27 miles on it. It initially had a full charge on the battery right out of the box. After 27 miles, I had one bar left on the battery indicator display. The grade of the road I traveled was mild, with slight inclines and declines. So the battery life wasn’t what I expected since they advertised long range. As far as performance, It absolutely gets up to 28-30 mph on level 5 and handles very well. I utilized both peddle assist and throttle. Being that the bike advertises long range, I felt 27 miles with one battery bar left didn’t seem right. But I only used it in the fastest mode possible. So I will try it again to see how many miles I can go on one charge while being in a lower speed mode. I would have like to have had the option to buy a 2nd battery but the k6 pro battery is out of stock and unknown when they will have them back in stock. The front light in the bike is awesome and absolutely lights up the road at night. The seat is well built and for riding all day, I had no issues with any soreness. It would have been nice to have some free accessories since other competitors are throwing in free stuff. But that’s doesn’t take away from the purchasing of this e-bike. It looks great and appears to be built well. I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend this e-bike to anyone who wants a high performing e-bike.

My Wife's bike

Fully accessorized front and back soft bags, Bluetooth speaker, drink holder, double fishing rod holders, rear view mirror. She loves it

Euybike Rear Basket
Luis Aquino Ginorio
Love it

It seems to be 25 since I received it, but it actually is only 4 days. They day I received it, unpacked it, began the process of building it. One thing impress is the amount of foam, cardboard and tie wrap, all that the bike intact with scratch or anything broken. Once assembled, I took it for a spin and I am amazed of the power it has, the built quality is great, it is very comfortable to ride, the suspension is great and I love the seat. The front headlight is very powerfull, wish it came with a brake activated rear taillight, but besides that it is an incredible, great, well put together ebike. And the style, wow!!, it is very eye catching. Everywhere Ive been since I had it, the looks on the people is of awe. Thank you guys, you have a new customer for life.

Great value, great bike!!

I’m 6’7” 280lbs and it fits/handles my frame great but my 10 year old son can also ride it, although it’s too heavy for him to lift it and fold it. Overall very adjustable to the riders size and it is built SOLID!! There’s no doubt it can definitely handle more than the 300lbs they say it’s rated for. I have over 150 miles on the bike and it’s worked flawlessly. My farthest ride so far was 25 miles over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Sausalito and back with lots of hills. The bike handled pushing my big ass and backpack up those hills without issue or running out of battery. The best part is I can fit it in the trunk of my car (big trunk). My front rotor was bent when I received the bike but the customer service team quickly sent a replacement. My only complaint is the breaks don’t preform as well as I’d like but for the price they had to cut a corner somewhere. Overall this bike is very solid, performs very well and is a great value for the price. I’m very happy with this purchase.


Great e-bike! Ten days to arrive from date of purchase. Took an hour to put together. I researched e-bikes for over a month and wanted a pedal assist bike that could go 28 mph plus with decent range. The e-bikes with the specs I was looking for all cost over $2,500 / $3,000. The EUY S4 comes with a 1000 watt geared hub motor, 48v 25ah battery, dual suspension and 96 nm torque. This bike can move quickly. The seating position is very comfortable. The EUY S4 is extremely fun. Use the 5 different modes of pedal assist to exercise or just throttle your way to over 28 mph enjoying the great outdoors. I purchased the S4 3 weeks ago and already put 390 miles on it. I wish EUY would come out with a 4amp faster charger and an upgraded 52v battery. Although the charger is a 54.6v charger, your battery will only charge to 53.9 volts when fully charged. E-bike batteries are fully charged at 90%. Great e-bike for $1,399 a one year warranty with specs comparable to the more expensive Super 73 and Ariel Rider X Class. Very happy with my EUY S4 purchase.

This bike is built to last!!

What a whole lot of fun riding this bike. I am 6’3” and close to 300lbs. With the 750watt motor it pulls me up to 25mph on a flat road. Impressive.

It’s solidly built, excellent components, especially for the overall price. My students call it my batbike! Everyone is totally interested in how this bike functions. I am happy to show them. I will need to adjust the brakes, but other than that I do not have negative things to say.

This is my first e-bike purchase. I bought it so I can keep up with my marching band after foot surgery. They used to leave behind. Not any more. I am confident about this purchase, and I hope you will be as well. Good luck.

Great bike

This bike is the sh*t…had it for a week and me and my kids have been everywhere!!!!…well worth every penny I spent!!

Nicer than expected. K6 Pro. Fast Shipment.

Unit shipped fast, box delivered with minimal exterior damage. It was easy to assemble. I was on the road in three hours learning how to ride my new Ebike. The only negative in this purchase was a noticeable scratch on the rim of the front tire. Tire rim is black and this scratch stands out. But overall the bike is well built and I expect to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I was concerned about the wheel size. However, the bike looks great when I'm riding it (not like a child's toy) and it's smooth.

Just arrived today.

First ride. Smooth, powerful bike.
I will start adding stuff next paycheck. First the basket for the back. Then rod holders to attach to the basket. Phone holder, small fire extinguisher. Cup holder. Rear view mirrors . I love this bike.

Best full suspension bike in it's class

Wife and I totally love her blue and white Auloor. This was her 1st ebike and she is quite thrilled with it. After following 'unlocking instructions, the bike freewheels 35mph and will eventually go 31mph. Trail riding in PAS 2, it has twice the range of my gforce T42. The ride is quite nice with the excellent suspension!

10. The best. Biike


Great e-bike

Much sturdier than expected, this is not a light fragile bike! It’s on the heavy side but so comfortable and rides smooth on the road, and easily tears it up in the woods. Only problem is I’m 63 and when I’m on the bike I feel like a kid again and I want to jump logs and it’s just a great bike. Too big even foldable to fit inside a car, but back of a suv, or mini van it will fit. Buy this bike but remember this is no toy!

S4 Moped Style fun and effective for my commute and play

Have been riding it for about a week now and absolutely love the bike. Can't beat it for the price. Pros to me is the styling of the bike, Has good power, Goes off road pretty good, Good suspension in front and rear, and with pedal assist going up steep hills is a breeze.
Cons to me are that the Battery drains fast and I'm really only getting about 18 miles maybe to a full drain of the battery. The rear shock is a little bouncy and no matter how tight you make the handlebars, they will shift on you. But overall I'm very happy with the purchase.
I did have an issue with the bike, I submitted my issue on the website and they responded to me the same day with a solution for my issue. I am very satisfied with the customer service. Now FedEx delivery is another story. Wish they would have used another delivery service. It was delayed in transit twice and cost me two days of work just waiting for the bike to be delivered so i could sign for it.