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Assume euybike

Very please and excited about my new Camogold k6. Haven't got to ride it yet due to very raining weather but have got ebike cycle carrier all setup and completed the first tie down on it. Anxious to take my first ride. Many possitve compliments from neighbors.

NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike

Second battery. Donald Thompson you said you got a second battery

Donald Thompson you said you got a second battery I only received 1 was I supposed to get a second battery? Anyone else could answer this for me please and thanks

Great bike!

Great bike. You will be very happy.

Just arrived today.

First ride. Smooth, powerful bike.
I will start adding stuff next paycheck. First the basket for the back. Then rod holders to attach to the basket. Phone holder, small fire extinguisher. Cup holder. Rear view mirrors . I love this bike.

CT in

Works great . Use it every day to ride out my drive way to pick up mail and news paper Dosent sound like much but my d/w is a 1/2 mile long.

Absolutely nice e-bike

Absolutely wonderful bike. Although slower than I thought it would be for 1500w. Wish I could unlock speed limiter.

Best full suspension bike in it's class

Wife and I totally love her blue and white Auloor. This was her 1st ebike and she is quite thrilled with it. After following 'unlocking instructions, the bike freewheels 35mph and will eventually go 31mph. Trail riding in PAS 2, it has twice the range of my gforce T42. The ride is quite nice with the excellent suspension!

Not how it looks

If you’re looking for this really cool gold color, you’re not going to get it. It is actually Army green. A little disappointing because you think you’re getting one color but you get something else. I also ordered this by the picture with the really cool tires, but didn’t get those either. So, I feel I was definitely took. If you knew the tires were changed to just black, at least you guys could’ve called/emailed me to see if I still wanted the bike or not or change to grey. I definitely would’ve changed to the color grey. However, I am now stuck with Army green and black tires.

10. The best. Biike


EUY e-bike Model F7

This eBay is made very well, sturdy and rides true, very easy to assemble. I had to reset the speedometer as the setting were not correctly set. EUY service department helped me they sent me a chart showing all the default settings. This chart was not included in my owners manual. The only downside is when dealing with the service department it was done by email so it took several days to work out the problem and if they had a phone number to call ( Hot Line) they could’ve walked me through it in one phone call. Overall I am very pleased with the bike, it is a good product!

Lost without MY baby 😥

I would recommend this bike to the masses! I just wish that I'd had more time to spend with it. It's very reliable and I promise you that you'll be satisfied beyond your belief. This was my 1st electric bike and I'm so glad that it was this one. The NXB!!! Thanks for the experience, even though it was short it was very memorable 😀. 💯
The thrill is gone 💔


I've had my NXB ebike for a little over 3 months and have had only 2 problems which customer service was on point, professional and very helpful. Now my 3rd problem, not so helpful 🙄...I actually didn't expect them to be because it was stolen 😥. It's all bad for me now for the simple fact that I can't afford another. 9/14/23 has been the worst day of my life thus far I'm beyond hurt 😞


A happy E bike owner

The Euybike S4 lives up to the hype.It was well reviewed, and I agree. For the money it is a good value.Happiness, value, performance. looks. The battery was still fully charged. The instructions were easy enough to figure out.Better than expected.🙏

NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike

Value choice and great customer service

I'm having this bike for about 3 months now, the bike is holding up pretty well so far. The customer service is awesome, email them your order information and a picture that shows where the problem is, they will respond back to you very soon with a satisfying solution of the problem.

Euy bike

Delivered o the the original date as promised the only problem was a tear in the main seat.To be honest not the fault of euy bike (shipping sucks),the box has a inner hard lining,(yes the bike comes with a hard wall on the inside of the main box)and the bike is protected with foam wrap.Now the's awsome,awsome,and I want to tell you,(Waait for it..AWSOME!!Plan on buying another one,just hope they make a blue or red or white,or green, here great bike EUY!!

LOVE THE S4 in The Carolinas !!!!

After researching many days of what Ebike I wanted.
I decided on the Euybike S4. 1000w 48V - Comfy -FAST !!
Full Suspension - Easily to Assemble . Ordered on a Sunday Recieved 8 Days later to North Carolina. Rode it 20 Miles so far and very Happy with my Purchase . Thanks Euybike.
I think I'll order another one for the Wife now.


so far it is Amazing!

Christian armour

It's a fast bike and I love it

Nice looking bike

Sadly I don't see any way to order accessories like an saddle bag.

I do like the bike in fact tomorrow I take it for my first ride. Also like the way it folds up and I can set in the back of my SUV.

Great bike

This bike is awesome.

Extremely satisfied

I have had the bike for only one week and already have 67 miles. I am extremely satisfied with this bike.

Great bike

For the money you can't beat this e bike. Had a bike before that was much more money and it was faster but this is perfect for most needs.