Euy fat tire ebike
f6 fat tire ebike
Euy fat tire ebike side
Euy fat tire ebike side view
Euy fat tire ebike folding view
Euy electric bike uppe view
F6 fat tire ebike seat
Euy electric bike handle
Euy F6 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
F6 fat tire ebike front view

Euy F6 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Free Accessories Included

  • Euy E-bike Full Fenders
    $89.00 USD FREE
  • Euy F6 Bike Rear Rack
    $79.00 USD FREE
  • 16 in 1 Repair Multi Tool
    $15.00 USD FREE
  • Bike Pump
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  • -750W motor, easy to climb. 
    -Shimano 7-speed, more speed options. 
    -48V18AH battery, long battery life. 
    -20"*4.0" fat tires, suitable for different terrains.

    - EUY eBikes are free shipping in the US and are 95% assembled. Just unfold the folded electric bike and ride it.
    - All EUY electric bikes come with a one-year warranty.

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    The Wheels Keep Turning

    Euy F6 E-bike

    Euy F6 E-bike is equipped with a 750W motor, easy to climb, with Shimano 7-speed. 48V 18 AH battery, 70 miles long range bike without battery capacity anxiety, able to travel short distances. 20"*4.0" fat tires, the tire grip area is increased, and the grip is strong, all-terrain riding across.

    • 750 W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • 48V 18Ah

      Battery Capacity

    • 6-7 Hours

      Charging Time

    • 70 Miles

      Estimate Range

    • 300 Lbs

      Payload Capacity

    • 7 Speed

      Gear Shift

    • Off-Road Adventures, City Rides and Everything in Between

      48V 18Ah Battery 20" x 4.0" Fat Tire 60+ Miles
      Euy long-range ebike
    • Off-Road Adventures, City Rides and Everything in Between

      48V 18Ah Battery 20" x 4.0" Fat Tire 60+ Miles
      Euy F6 long-range ebike at night
    • Light
    • Dark

    Strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame

    Strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame. The foldable frame of the Euy F6 is constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy. The Brinell hardness is 95 HB, the tensile strength is 260 MPa, and the tensile strength is 45000 psi. It can not only meet the strength requirements of electric bikes but also reduce weight.
    Combined with Euy's design of the F6 bike's structure, it can withstand a payload capacity of 300 LBS, providing the driver and passenger with safe, effective support. Makes riding more stable and comfortable.

    Powerful 750W brushless motor

    Upgraded E-max motor. The F6 electric bike is equipped with a 750W high-speed brushless motor, peak 1000W output, which has stronger climbing power and provides enough power for your daily commuting or mountain climbing. 0 to 15 mph only takes 2.1 seconds. Riding on a 20-30 degree hill will not noticeably slow down.


    Motor Power


    Max Motor Torque

    48V 18Ah large capacity battery

    The F6 equipped with a 48V 18Ah battery, it can last 38-40 miles when fully charged, and 58-68 miles in pedal-assist mode, which is enough for a day's daily commuting and adventure needs.
    Detachable battery design, detachable for separate charging or direct charging. Removable battery, 6-7 hours for a full charge. IPX4 waterproof level, you don't have to worry about it in heavy rain.

    Multifunctional LCD Display

    Backlight display, simplified action buttons for easier use.
    Press and hold the M button for 2 seconds to turn the on/off the display, and the "M" button can also switch to view information such as mileage, battery, speed, etc. The "︿" and "﹀" keys can adjust the gear.


    Displays the current riding speed.

    Battery Capacity

    A fuel gauge for your electrons.


    Calculate how many miles you ride.

    Gear meter

    5 levels of gear adjustment

    7- speed gear

    Shimano 7- speed

    Professional Shimano 7-speed shifting gears to achieve different shifting requirements.
    Back Seat

    Large Back Seat

    Equipped with durable rear aluminum alloy large racks, it can be used for load cargo or manned.
    Disc brake

    Disc Brake

    Disc brakes provide strong stopping power in time on dry or wet roads.
    F6 long rang ebike Rear Light

    Rear Light

    will light up whenever you brake, much safer.

    LED headlights

    Equipped with bright LED headlights to illuminate the road in the dark.
    F6 electric bike SADDLE SEAT

    Adjustable Saddle Seat

    The adjustable design allows you to easily adjust the bike saddle seat to find the most comfortable position. The comfortable, soft saddle seat dampens shock and vibration, making it ideal for long rides.


    • Brand EUY

    • Battery 48V 18Ah lithium battery

    • Battery weight 11.46 lbs

    • Range 38-40miles (electric)

    • Range 58-62miles (pas)

    • Hub Motor 750W rear hub motor

    • Maximum load 300 lbs

    • Recommended Rider Heights 5'1" ~ 6'5"

    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 Pedal-Assist levels

    • Model F6

    • Charger 48V/2A

    • Battery size 19.48"*3.14"*4.17"

    • Charging Time 6~7 Hrs

    • Display LCD display

    • Max speed 15MPH (legally required in US)

    • Max torque 62N.m

    • Weight 66.1 lbs (with battery)

    • Weight  53.8 lbs (without battery)


    • Tires 20" x4.0"fat tires

    • Wheels Aluminum alloy wheels

    • Throttle Thumb throttle

    • Brake lever Mechanical grip-style brake lever

    • Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift

    • Brake Mechanical disc brakes

    • Chain 48T

    • Pedal Foldable pedals with reflectors

    • Frame 6061 Aluminum frame

    • Front Fork Adjustable alloy front suspension fork

    • Front Light 48V LED light

    • Saddle Adjustable height 11.8"

    • Handlebar Adjustable height 5.9"

    • Fenders Plastic


    • A -- Total Length 65"
    • B -- Maximum Handlebar Height 49"
    • C -- Rear Rack Height 26"
    • D -- Maximum Seat Height 41"
    • E -- Minimum Seat Height 37"
    • F -- Maximum Seat Height 25"
    • G -- Handlebar Length 23"
    • H -- Wheel diameter 20"
    • Folded Length 37"
    • Folded Width 23" ; Folded Height 30"



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    One of my best decisions!

    Best E-Bike ever for the money!
    Have made every other E-Bike owner, I have encountered, wish they had bought an EUY F6!!
    I am a very proud owner!!

    Robert Sardisco
    F6 ebike

    Haven't been on bike yet, weather is to cold for me,but everything seems to be good, got the new headlight works great,your support team is great.

    Awesome bike 🏍 👌🏿

    Well crafted bike with impressive performance. Have used on roads systems and trail systems so far. Battery performance is great and I feel it's more than enough for my leisure. May upgrade to new future releases.

    Great bike!

    This is my first ebike, so I have no basis for comparison to others. However, I have been totally satisfied with my F6 long range bike. The box was damaged but nothing was damaged inside due to the excellent packing. I got my son to help me assemble it (I am 70!) and it went together easily. The battery was nearly fully charged, but I topped it off and went for a spin around the yard. It is a different animal from a regular bike so there is a learning curve. You have to be careful with the power or you can get hurt. I took a couple of spills getting used to it but no damage to me or the bike. The bike seems to be made of heavy duty materials and should be durable. I got it primarily to get from my truck to a deer stand when I go hunting this fall, and I am looking forward to using it in the field and seeing how well it performs.

    Sean B.

    I'd say its one hell of a deal....but it is THE deal, truly the only way to go (thats after 10+ hours researching up and down). Perfect starter ebike for the beginner yet just as perfect to be the daily driver of ur avid ebiking connoisseur, because trust me, thats what it will become when added to ur collection... You won't wanna get off it. Well rounded and versatile and at an incredible price.... One of the best deals out there. The company obviously pays attention to detail, proven by its very reasonable weight, overall strength of the product, solid mag wheels, strong powerful motor in a not chintzy looking casing, decent front suspension along with seat and seat post suspension to boot. Shimano gears are a plus along with wuxing mechanical disc brakes (in my opinion mechanical is the smartest way for a manufacturer to go, less parts to fail so inherently safer overall, plus satisfactory stopping power for the usual everyday situations ur average rider using good judgement and a safe braking distance would encounter, and less potentially expensive problems. I myself for one am eventually installing hydraulic calipers linked to the stock cables once my pads are low(already have them and will update how it handles when installed).So far so good on the beefy, 20*4, somewhat aggressive, but also street friendly tires.... Been good on all terrains. I can tell they have tried as hard as they can to not cut corners and have done a great job, especially at this price point.... Speed is an awesome asset of the F6 also. Ranging from around 15 at PAS 1 and ive gotten it all the way up to 33 at PAS 5... Full throttle all the way at level 5 PAS really rips.... But it is not the smartest way to go as far as battery conservation is concerned, common sense would say to be expected.... I've mastered the feel of the PAS and find now that level 2 or 3 along with moderate pedaling has been the way to go for me, and it has gotten me a good mix of range and speed ( and exercise!). I'm averaging 23- 27 mph and over 30 miles per charge....not to mention I am on the throttle at least half the time, being that I alternate that with the pedal assist method (sometimes even heavier on throttle) Pretty damn good range!!!! Definatly competitive with and/ or exceeds virtually all the leading well known brands... Lastly on the speed, one thing that stood out, and that i like is that if u select PAS 0 you can use strictly only your own leg power if u feel inclined to do so, and so far this is the only ebike ive ridden that feels even remotely like,and is basically as easy to pedal as a REGULAR bike in this mode, not like the usual lead sled one would be used to in the ebike world. Also, an often overlooked, and most likely underappreciated feature I really like about this bike is how the PAS also doubles as speed cutoff brackets (for a lack of better words) if using throttle and choosing not to pedal ( my rad doesnt do that.... Throttle is only 0 to 20....pas doesn't incrementally break up the speeds) its a good advantage and helps you stay in a certain range of speeds with less feathering, and constant adjusting your grip on throttle....very helpful, especially if you need to comply with certain speeds in certain areas or face penalties.... Helps keep speed in check. Upset they apparently did away with the electric horn when mine rolled off the Assembly line..... But they never said it would have one, wasnt make or break for me, and for this product for this price.... That was a sacrifice I didnt mind(bought a cool horn / phone holder /charger anyway!).Also, I had one issue, nothing safety related, but since it was quickly rectified by customer service I will not get into detail nor let it sway me because as we all know, S*it happens.... What's important is that they stayed true to their word.... Well thats the first review from this guy, with an odometer reading of 450 miles, as u see so far so good... We will see how it stands the test of time, looking positive! Well Happy riding to you all and I'm just trying to figure out which model I wanna grab next.... Haha they all seem pretty cool so its gonna be a lil tough! Keep up the good work EUY!