Folding Electric Bike
Euy folding ebike side view
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euy foldable electric bike side view
K6 folding bike
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Folding Electric Bike

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Free Accessories Included

  • Euy E-bike Full Fenders
    $89.00 USD FREE
  • Euy K6 Bike Rear Rack
    $79.00 USD FREE
  • 16 in 1 Repair Multi Tool
    $15.00 USD FREE
  • Bike Pump
    $19.00 USD FREE
  • The K6 is Euy's flagship e-bike: excellent, ultrafast, and young, Euy's core spirit doesn't just stop at shouting slogans, it's also incorporated into the design of the electric bike. The unique frame design, integrated frame, follows the design concept of a 100m athlete flying start. Unlike other e-bikes, the K6 is made of expensive magnesium alloy, reflecting a frosted metal texture. Whether you want to go to mountains, cities, beaches, seaside, you can reach it by riding the K6 folding e-bike.

    - The two-step folding design makes the K6 ebike like a nimble little kangaroo. It can fit in the trunk of your car. K6 electric bike are foldable to 38 x 19 x 29 inches, folding design allows your bike to fit into any compact space.
    - The K6 is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, and the brake pads are treated with a high-temperature carbonization process. Avoid high temperatures when braking. The motor will stop running when braking, greatly shortens the braking distance, providing peace of mind in emergency situations.
    Dry road braking distance:2.2 yd. Wet road braking distance:5.5 yd.
    - Hidden and removable 48V10.4AH lithium-ion battery is dustproof and anti-theft, fully charged can provide you with a day of riding fun up to 30 miles.
    - A Shimano 7-speed variable speed drivetrain makes for a more efficient ride.
    - The easy-to-use LCD provides speed, mileage, and battery information at all times.
    - Equipped with five levels of pedal assist to enhance the riding experience for all skill levels.
    - High-brightness LED front and rear lights to allow you to be seen by car drivers at night, escorting your night riding.

    - EUY eBikes are free shipping in the US and are 95% assembled. Just unfold the folded electric bike and ride it.
    - All EUY electric bikes comes with 1 year warranty on the battery, motor, controller and charger.

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    • 500 W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • 48V 12.8Ah

      Battery Capacity

    • 5-6 Hours

      Charging Time

    • 60 Miles

      Estimate Range

    • 300 Lbs

      Payload Capacity

    • 7 Speed

      Gear Shift

    • Foldable Electric Bike Are The First Choice for Commuting To Work

      500W Motor12.8AH BatteryShimano 7 Speed
    • Foldable Electric Bike Are The First Choice for Commuting To Work

      500W Motor12.8AH BatteryShimano 7 Speed
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    • Dark



    New York
    The Metropolitan
    Museum to Chinatown
    (5 miles)
    West Campus to South
    (10 miles)
    Venice Beach To
    Griffith Observatory            
    (20 miles)
    EUYBIKE ✅15 minutes   ✅24 minutes ✅60 minutes
    SUBWAY 35 minutes 60 minutes 105-120 minutes
    CAR 15-25 minutes  20 minutes 45-80 minutes 

    Powerful Peak 850w Brushless Motor

    Sustained 500W brushless motor, Sustained high torque output, fast driving response, low noise when the motor runs at high speed. The 850W peak high-speed brushless motor achieves the perfect balance between torque and speed.

    K6 e-bike motor
    euy k6 ebike frame

    Magnesium alloy integrated frame

    The K6 frame adopts 3D integrated molding process, and there is no welding point to make the frame more stable. The integrated frame has an appearance patent.
    It follows the design concept of "100m runner", showing the spirit of a galloping cheetah.
    From the side of the frame, it looks like a 100-meter athlete is flying start.
    Ride the K6 and twist the throttle, and you'll be galloping too.

    Rotating folding design

    With a unique patented rotating folding design in the ebike industry.
    The two-step folding design makes the K6 ebike like a nimble little kangaroo. It can fit in the trunk of your car.
    K6 electric bike are foldable to 38 x 19 x 29 inches, folding design allows your bike to fit into any compact space.

    e-bike rotating folding
    e-bike battery

    Large capacity battery

    The 48V12.8AH lithium battery pedal assist can last for 43-55 miles, 28-30 miles with only the throttle..
    The battery can be easily removed for charging or direct charging.

    Double shock absorption design

    The high-elastic aluminum alloy front fork and the double shock absorption design of the rear shock absorber make your riding more comfortable on uneven and complicated roads.

    folding ebike Double shock absorption design
    k6 ebike lcd

    Backlight Multifunctional LCD Display

    The small screen contains all the needed information, ride mileage, ride speed, battery level, etc.
    The meter is equipped with a USB charging port, making travel more convenient.

    Folding Electric Bicycles


    Folding Electric Bicycles

    Riding a K6 folding electric bike can save energy, and time, and keep fit. Especially the folding e-bike will not occupy your limited indoor space and can be put on public transportation after being folded.

    K6 folding electric bike lets you traverse the city like never before

    The K6 frame is made of magnesium alloy, which is not only light, efficient, unique in design, but also simple and stylish.

    The folding electric bike k6 is equipped with a 48V 500W powerful motor, the overload torque is 42N.m, and the operation is reliable. Even the slope of 25° can be easily traversed.

    The Euy foldable ebike are easy to store and carry. When folded, the size is 38"*19"*29" (L*W*H), which can be easily put into the trunk of the car, saving space.

    The k6 folding e-bike takes you anywhere - its flexibility keeps you away from the city, day or night. Free yourself from the constraints of other means of transportation and blend into the surrounding city. Simply put the 20" K6 Folding Electric Bike on the train, car or bus to explore further.

    Front Disc Brake

    Front Disc Brake

    The 6.3 inch front disc brakes can provide strong stopping power no matter on dry or wet road.
    k6 mid-mounted shock absorber

    Sealed mid-mounted shock absorber

    The K6 electric bicycle is equipped with a mid-mounted shock absorber, 500 lbs of high elastic shock absorption. Absorbs the reaction force caused by bumps. which effectively filters out the shock caused by the rough road.
    Alloy Front Fork

    Front Suspension Fork

    The alloy front suspension fork has 3 inch of travel. On rough roads you don't feel bumps.
    K6 E-bike LED Front Light

    LED Front LIGHT

    The design of the 4 LED lamp bead front lights is 50% brighter than other front lights, allowing you to clearly see the road ahead when riding at night, making it safer.
    adjustable bike saddle seat

    All-around comfort

    Easily adjustable bike saddle seat, and handlebars to find a comfortable position for you. Concise, classic shape. It is suitable for different height.
    Rear Disc Brake

    Rear Disc Brake

    Euy K6 with a power-off function, the rear wheel motor is powered off at the same time when braking, providing double safety protection.
    k6 e-bike rear lights


    The rear lights will light up whenever you brake, making it easier to be noticed by the car at night.
    7-speed gearing

    Shimano 7-Speed

    Euy K6 e-bikes equipped a Shimano 7-speed gearing for an even better ride. It provides better all-terrain adaptability. It can be adjusted for a comfortable ride whether in the city, uphill section, or on mountain roads.
    K6 E-bike Rear Rack And Fenders

    Rear Rack and Fenders

    The electric bike is equipped with a rear frame seat, and can carry one person or load. The fenders effectively avoid the smudges brought by the muddy road.
    • Brand EUY
    • Battery 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery
    • Range 28-30miles (electric)
    • Range 50-60miles (pas)
    • Hub Motor 500W rear hub motor
    • Maximum load 300 lbs
    • Recommended Rider Heights 5'1" ~ 6'5"
    • Model 20"K6
    • Charger 48V/2A
    • Charging Time 5~6 Hrs
    • Display LCD display with USB charging
    • Max torque 42N.m
    • Weight 56.4 lbs (with battery)
    • Weight  49.6 lbs (without battery)
    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 Pedal-Assist levels
    • Tires 20" x 2.4" tires
    • Wheels One-piece magnesium alloy wheels
    • Throttle Half twist throttle
    • Brake lever Grip-style brake lever
    • Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift
    • Brake Disc Brakes
    • Chain 48T
    • Pedal Foldable pedals with reflectors
    • Frame Magnesium frame
    • Front Fork Alloy front suspension fork
    • Front Light 48V LED light
    • Saddle Adjustable height 9"
    • Handlebar Adjustable height 5.9"
    • Fenders Plastic
    • A -- Total Length 64"
    • B -- Maximum Handlebar Height 46"
    • C -- Minimum Handlebar Height 42"
    • D -- Rear Rack Height 23"
    • E -- Minimum Seat Height 36"
    • F -- Maximum Seat Height 40"
    • G -- Handlebar Length 22"
    • H -- Stem to Seat Tube Distance 20"
    • Folded Length 38"
    • Folded Height 29"
    • Folded Width 25"
    k6 real speed testing


    Check out these testimonials!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    K6 20 in Euybike is Amazing fun.

    The Euybike K6 is quick powerful and agile. Euybike really loaded this bike w all you need Like Frt+rear shocks, Rack, Head and tail light W a brake light. Folds up tight and light. Customer service responds fast and courteous..

    Best All Purpose Bike

    I'm a current owner of 7 electric bikes and 1 traditional bike, and after riding around the neighborhood, taking my son to school and playgrounds, this bike proves to be the most desirable bike of have and carry around. This bike EUY K6 works perfectly out of the box, with a short 30" installation. It came with the rear rack that I simple added a cushion from shipping packing and duct tape to make a seat for my 5 years old son to sit comfortably. The 500W motor is powerful for taking us uphill ~ 12" without much troubles, and the throttle make it very convenience to move the bike on the sidewalk when it was hard to peddle. The battery is surprising bigger than the advertise size. (The actual size 12.8A x 48V). The advantage over the other bikes I have was this can simple fold, put in back of my car and take to the beach, park or anywhere to bike with less then 1" setup. Overall this is our favorite bike and can be use for many purpose. (My wife saw how much fun I and my son had riding around the neighborhood, schools and parks ... now she using it and claim to be her. Just the perfect size and unique design!)
    Key Advantages:
    1. Price is very reasonable @ $1099
    2. Lightweight and easy to fold and take anywhere.
    3. Strong and durable to carry me 165 lbs and my son 40 lbs without problem.
    4. Battery is big enough for us to ride for a long while. (our long ride is 20+ miles ... and could go longer).
    5. Unique design and look different vs. other folding bikes on the market, and around the neighborhood.
    6. Came with front and rear light, plus back rack and fenders.

    We probable will get the companion K6 mini ... maybe for my son when he turns 8.


    carlos riera

    Hi, o real y like the bike works perfectly, only down side Is that the tubes of the tires got flat and i meses to purchase and extra one! After 2 days, but apart from that everything Is good

    Robert Allen
    Euybike k6

    Bottom bracket too high causing difficulty to get on the bike when seat height is at proper leg extension. Also, extremely hard to remove rear wheel because rear of frame is too narrow resulting in wheel wedged in the frame. Any advice to making it easier to remove rear wheel would be appreciate. It’s a good & enjoyable bike to ride other than the above mentioned two cons.


    Folding Electric Bike