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It's got a huge 750W motor the biggest in class and stats that are comparable to a bike in the $1500 price range.

Electric Revolution

The Euy bike folding electric K6 bicycle is zippy, fast, fun to ride and will be a hit with the young city commuter crowd.


If you think you're in the market for an e-bike. I'd highly recommend stopping by and checking these guys.

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This bike is great for commute, fishing, surfing, camping, hunting, and off-road recreation.

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Commute by Euybike K6
Experience All-terrain
$1000 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Your Future E-bike


Meet the various travel needs of riders and bring special riding fun to every rider.

Euy Fat tire electri bike-the best ebike ever


What does EUY stand for? E--excellent, U--ultrafast, Y--young, We want to make excellent, super fast and youthful electric bikes for our customers.

Today we’re proud to be a growing name in the electric bike world and one that allows anyone to enjoy life the eco-friendly way.

When it’s time to go out there and explore the world, we wouldn’t settle for anything less.



How Fast Can An Ebike Go?
How Fast Can An Ebike Go?

How fast an e-bike can go is affected by wheel size, motor power, battery, terrain, brakes, tires, controller, speed limiter, frame, stability, weight, wind, and uphill.

Why e-bike is the best choice for urban commuting?
Why e-bike is the best choice for urban commuting?

The commuter electric bike frees you from traffic jams, doesn't require you to spend extra time exercising, and reaches your destination in less time and in a greener way.

11 Benefits of Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes
11 Benefits of Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes

11 great benefits that make a fat tire folding electric bike a great choice. If you're looking for a new bike, here's what you need to know about fat tire bikes. And whether it's worth buying a fat tire folding bike.