Comparison Step-Thru E-bike: Euybike F7 vs. RadExpand 5

Comparison Step-Thru E-bike Euybike F7 vs. RadExpand 5

Summer is here, and Euybike-Tom knows that many people want to buy an electric bike for commuting. But choosing an electric bicycle that suits you from the countless bike brands in the market is a very tangled task. When the product involved is a step-through folding electric bike, the choice will be even more difficult. As a bike mechanic I recommend two top contenders worth considering are the Euybike F7 Step-Thru Electric Bike and the RadExpand 5. Both are highly rated, rad is a well-known brand, and Euybike is an up-and-coming brand that claims to be the most affordable e-bike. To ease your decision-making process, let's compare the two models side-by-side, focusing on the basics like price, battery life, weight, and more.

Introducing Euybike F7 Step-Thru

The Euybike F7 Step-Thru is Euybike's top-of-the-line electric bike, known for its great performance at an affordable price. With a very competitive price of $1,099, the F7 Step-Thru bike has a powerful 750W hub brushless motor with peak 1000W output, ensuring a smooth and easy ride on all terrains. The torque of 62N.M ensures that you can easily climb hills with a slope of 20 degrees. A full charge of the battery provides 36-56 miles of range, making it ideal for commuting and leisure travel.

The F7 Bike's 48V 16Ah battery boasts impressive durability and longevity and has a one-year warranty. In pedal assist mode, the cruising range on a single charge can reach 55+ miles, which is more than enough for ordinary short trips. Weighing just 62 lbs, the bike is relatively lightweight and easy to handle and store. Wide 20" x 4" tires enhance stability and grip in all conditions. Its sturdy 6061 aluminum frame promises durability, while its generous 300-pound weight capacity accommodates a variety of riders. The suspension fork has a preload adjustment and lockout lever. 80mm of available compression keeps you comfortable over rough terrain.

Euybike F7 Step thru Ebike Introducing

Meet RadExpand 5

The RadExpand 5 from Rad Power Bikes is a worthy competitor in the folding e-bike segment. Like the Euybike F7, it comes with a 750W motor, providing plenty of power for urban commuting and off-road adventures. The bike's 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery can power the e-bike for 25-45 miles on a single charge (estimate).

The RadExpand 5 is slightly heavier at 67 pounds with 20" x 4" tires. Its 6061 aluminum frame ensures long-lasting durability. However, it has a weight capacity of just under 275 pounds.
The RadExpand 5 does not have an adjustable suspension fork, which is not good for outdoor driving, and you will feel unbearable bumps. The occasional speed bump can knock your ass off even on a city commute.
Currently, the RadExpand 5 retails for $1,649.

Side-by-side specifications of Euybike F7 Step-Thru and RadExpand 5


Euybike Step-thru

RadExpand 5


750W, Peak 1000W



48V 16Ah, 768Wh

48V 14Ah, 672Wh


36-55 Miles

25-45 Miles


6061 aluminum alloy

6061 aluminum alloy



64 lb. 


300 lbs

275 lbs

Torque 62N.M unknown


20" x 4.0"  fat tires

20" x 4.0" BFT

Rear rack

Large diameter tube

Ordinary tube







Euybike F7 Step-Thru vs. RadExpand 5: Showdown

While the two bikes have similar motor power and frame materials, closer inspection reveals significant differences. The Euybike F7 surpasses the RadExpand 5 with a longer range, larger battery capacity, lighter weight, more portability, and a cheaper price. RadExpand 5 lags behind Euybike F7 in terms of price, weight, and battery capacity.

The winner is: Euybike F7 Step-Thru E-bike

In terms of price, battery capacity, weight, and load capacity, the Euybike F7 Step-Thru is the clear winner. The Euybike F7 is also lighter and can handle higher weights, making it a versatile choice for a wider range of riders. Best of all, the F7 costs $550 less than the RadExpand 5, serious savings. Unbelievable now, Euybike's Mother's Day discount is only $999, crazy! That's an irresistible price, almost enough to buy two RadExpand 5's. For Euybike, they insist on being the most affordable electric bike, and I already feel their sincerity.

In conclusion

While the RadExpand 5 is a laudable e-bike, the Euybike F7 Step-Thru offers a more attractive option at a lower price and better configuration. The F7 is tailor-made for rider comfort beyond other bikes. The step-thru electric bike is a great option for seniors with leg problems.
Clearly, the F7 E-bike is a testament to Euybike's commitment to providing affordable, rugged, high-performance e-bikes that won't break the bank. The Euybike F7 is suitable for seniors and women, and it is easy to step through the frame. Start the journey with a relaxed posture. Take it easy and ride Euybike F7 now.

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