Euy NXB vs. Lectric XP 2.0

Euy NXB vs Lectric XP 2.0

This article will take you through the comparisons between the Euy NXB and Lectric XP 2.0 and why the Euy NXB e-bike will serve you better than the latter.

Although Lectric is known for its low price and high value for money, Euybike is not afraid. We like to compete with competitors in terms of total cost and configuration, and we are confident we to become the king of price/performance in the electric bike shop. You can get the same style of bike for the same price, but with higher specs.

Now let's comparing the Euy NXB and the Lectric XP 2.0. At first glance you would think they are the same bike. In fact, they look alike. They are all folding electric bikes in classic shape. But their specifications are quite different.

The Euy bike features a 750 w brushless geared hub, 4" wide thick tires that add extra comfort, and a 48V 12.8 Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery. Additionally, the payload capacity of the bike is 300lbs, and the upgrade of the suspension seat post is free of charge. The lectric bike features a 500w brushless geared hub, a 3" tire that lacks grip and comfort, and a 48v 9.6 ah lithium battery. It also charges $79 for the upgrade of the suspension seat post.

EUY NXB VS Lectric XP 2.0 Black

Features of Euy NXB and Lectric XP 2.0 Bike

Electric bikes help cyclists go for longer distances without getting tired. However, some e-bikes, such as the EuyNxb bike, offer additional and impressive features you need. The following are some of the comparisons between the 2 bikes:


The Euy Nxb bike features an excellent motor with 750w rear gear that is brushless, creates less struggle when cycling in sloppy terrains, and makes it sufficient for a day's worth of riding. Additionally, it features a derailleur gear with numerous crankset that creates comfortable and enjoyable running. The gear shifts are simple to shift, and one can easily control the bike's velocity, thereby reducing the risk of getting into an accident or being injured while riding. The gear also makes it possible for you to go smoothly even in the steepest terrain because of the cog system technology used in the e-bike. When it comes to Lectric XP 2.0, it offers a 500w rear gear hub, that is slightly more resistant to cycle on the slopy and rough terrains than the Euy Nxb bike. Therefore, if you want an ideal bike that will make it easier to cycle up slopy and rough terrains without getting tired of a longer distance, the Euy Nxb bike is a suitable option.

Battery Life

The Euybike Nxb features a long-lasting lithium battery with 48v 12.8 ah. Charging the bike's battery takes up to 6 hours, and the bike can go to a maximum distance of 30-60 mile for the battery to have zero charges. The battery can be replaced when worn out or quickly empty. It also features a scaled battery box that is wear-resistant and fireproof, where you have the option of charging it when it is assembled on the e-bike or removed from the bike. Remember to charge it in outdoors to increase caution. A 48v, 9.6ah battery powers the Lectric XP 2.0 bike that will only cycle for at least 23-40 mile if the battery is fully charged. Additionally, it will take about 4 to 6 hours to charge the bike's battery fully. Therefore, if you prefer an electric bike that will go for long distances without having a fear of having to get an empty battery, then EuyNxb is ideal for you.

Wheels and Tire grip

The Euy Nxb e-bike features all-terrain tires that are 20"*4”. The tires have a delicate tread pattern that reduces traction and creates resistance to wear and tear. The tires are ideal because you can cycle from a wide range of terrains such as wet roads, snow, and other rough terrains. It reduces the chances of getting a tire punctured, reducing the risk of accidents. When comparing the Lectric XP bike with the Euy Nxb fat tire, the Lectric XP 2.0 uses a narrower size and thickness of tire, around 3". The tire lacks enough grip and traction needed while cycling in different terrains, reducing the overall comfort. It is because broader tires help to enhance handling and lower the rolling resistance of the bike while cycling on rough and sloppy terrain.

The Weight and Payload Capacity

The Euy Nxb bike is easy to lift and transport, unlike other Lectric bikes. With the battery attached to the bike, the bike weighs around 56 lbs. The most significant advantage of the Euy bicycle is that it is portable due to its folding nature. The bike can be folded up and stored in a vehicle's trunk or inside the home if there is insufficient space. The bike frames and other supporting features, such as the tires, have been designed to help a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs, where the brand advises that cyclists should be between 5" to 6'5" tall for them to ride comfortably.

The overall weight of the Lectric XP 2.0 bike is 64 pounds, which makes it heavier than the Euy bike. However, it can support more weight than the latter because it can handle 330 lbs and is suitable for those who want to carry extra luggage that can surpass 300 lbs. when it comes to portability, the bike can fit at the back of most vehicles because one can fold it up to almost half of its full size.

Price and Cost of Upgrading Suspension System

Regarding price, both of the e-bikes are affordable; one can buy each for $999. When comparing the price and the features of the Euy Nxb and Lectric XP bike, the Euy bike offers more and is worth the price. Other standard features such as the LCD screen display information such as the rider's velocity, the distance covered, and gear shifts, among other things. They also have handlebars and seats that one can adjust to specific lengths. However, when it comes to the upgrade of the suspension seat post, the Euy Nxb bike upgrades it free of charge, while in Lectric XP 2.0, if you want your suspension seat to be upgraded, you will require to pay an extra cost of $79.


The electric bike has become popular among amateur and professional cyclists because of its benefits that range from health and fitness to economic and environmental benefits. The comfort and caliber parts are still crucial on an electric bike, just as on a regular bike. 


Having explored and compared some of the features between the Euy Nxb bike and the Lectric XP 2.0 bike, the Euy NXB e-bike has shown to have many more outstanding features than the latter, and therefore, it is the suitable kind of e-bike you should go for. Its features guarantee efficient and smooth rides that will make you enjoy every minute you spend with the bike. For more information on how you can access the bike, additional details, and other relevant information, you can check out Euy NXB bike page here.

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