Comparison of Popular E-Bikes Models: Euy Nxb vs. Heybike Mars

Comparison of Popular E-Bikes Models: Euy Nxb vs. Heybike Mars

Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation, with more and more people seeing them as a greener alternative to driving a car and faster than public transport. Among the many e-bikes out there, the Euybike NXB and Heybike Mars are two excellent e-bikes that stand out. In this blog, we will compare and contrast these two electric bikes to help you make an informed decision about which is best for you.


The first thing to consider when comparing e-bikes is the motor. The motor is one of the most important components of an e-bike. The power output of the motor can determine how fast and how comfortable your ride. The Euy NXB has a powerful 750W motor, while the Heybike Mars has a 500W motor. The NXB is designed to be a high-performance e-bike and deliver exceptional performance, meaning the NXB can reach higher speeds and deliver more power than the Mars, making it ideal for those looking for a fast, powerful ride. And the Mars is an entry-level e-bike. The NXB's powerful motor is designed to give riders a smoother, faster ride, while the Mars is more for the casual rider.


The next feature to consider when comparing e-bikes is the battery. The Euybike NXB is equipped with a Samsung/LG lithium battery with a capacity of 12.8 Ah. The capacity of Heybike Mars is 12.5Ah, but it is an ordinary lithium battery. NXB offers longer battery life, allowing for longer rides with less need to recharge. The Mars battery provides enough power for recreational riding but is not as powerful as the NXB. Samsung/LG lithium batteries are safer batteries. It is essential for you to choose a well-known battery.

Comparison between EUY NXB and HEYBIKE MARS bike

Top Speed

The Euybike NXB model is the faster of the two, able to reach a top speed of up to 30MPH. With its powerful 750-watt motor, the NXB can easily climb steep hills and reach higher speeds than its competitor.
On the other hand, the Heybike Mars model only reaches 20MPH as its maximum speed. Despite featuring a powerful 500-watt motor, this model is slightly less powerful than the NXB.  


The frame of an e-bike is also important when considering which one to buy. The Euybike NXB features a 6061 aluminum frame that is light but strong. The frame is designed for superior handling and control. The Heybike Mars also has an aluminum frame, but not 6061 aluminum, and is slightly heavier than the NXB. The Mars frame offers good stability while riding, but the NXB is better for fast-paced riding and easier to lift up and put in the trunk of your car.



The tires of the e-bike should also be taken into consideration. Both Euybike NXB and Heybike Mars have 20*4.0-inch tires, which provide excellent grip and shock absorption. Fat tires can provide high traction, handling, and stability on all terrains, while their wide surface area provides a more comfortable ride. This makes them great for riding in tough terrains like sand, mud, snow, and gravel, as the fat tires provide a better grip than regular tires.


The wheels of the e-bike are also an important factor to consider. The Euybike NXB has strong, stable alloy integrated wheels for fast riding. The wheels resist deformation and provide excellent handling and control. The Heybike Mars comes with spoked wheels, which are much less rigid and have less handling. Spokes are also prone to breaking over time.


Rear Rack

The rear rack is an important feature to consider when choosing an electric bike. The Euybike NXB is equipped with a thick-diameter aluminum tube that provides a strong carrying capacity of up to 200 lbs. The rear rack of the Heybike Mars is constructed from skinny aluminum tubes and has a lower carrying capacity of only 100 lbs. In terms of rear rack carrying capacity, NXB has a clear advantage.



Headlights on e-bikes should also be taken into consideration. The Euybike NXB has 4 LED beads that produce bright light to illuminate the road ahead. Heybike Mars has only one LED lamp bead, the brightness is not as good as NXB, the brightness is dim, and the effect is not good.

USB charging port

The Euybike NXB USB charging port is on the handlebar, which can be charged while riding. The charging interface of Heybike Mars is on the battery, so charging is very troublesome.


The same is 3 steps of folding. It only takes 3 steps to complete the folding and unfolding, and it can be easily put into the trunk of the car.


Pedal Assist

Heybike Mars is equipped with 3-level PAS, but Euybike NXB is equipped with 5-level pedal assist, which can have more speed options. With 5 levels PAS, the riders can fine-tune the power to suit their needs, and with 3 levels of pedal assist, the power band is more limited. Additionally, riders with Level 5 pedal-assist e-bikes can better match power delivery to their riding style or terrain. This makes the riding experience much more enjoyable.


The price of an electric bike is one of the most important factors to consider. The Euybike NXB retails for $999 and the Heybike Mars retails for $1099. At $100 less than the Mars, the NXB is a more cost-effective option.


The Euybike NXB is an overall better and more cost-effective e-bike than the Heybike Mars. It has a more powerful motor and battery with longer range, as well as better wheels and headlights. NXB also has stronger carrying capacity and is less expensive. If you're looking for an e-bike that will go fast and comfortably look no further than the NXB.

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