Electric Bike Anti-Theft Guide: The Latest Experiences Shared

Electric Bike Anti Theft Guide

This e-bike guide aims to provide an overview of the different anti-theft measures for e-bikes, and what to do if your bike is stolen. We'll start by discussing common patterns of theft and high-risk areas for bike theft. We will then move on to the different precautions you can take to protect your e-bike from theft. Finally, we cover what to do if your e-bike is stolen and how to prepare for future thefts.

Bikes and electric bikes are means of transportation for people's daily life. They bring great convenience to people when going to work, going to school, going out to the streets, and going out to do errands. But, cases of theft of ebikes occur frequently, not to mention economic losses. And troubles caused by the inconvenience of travel are unavoidable. Electric bikes are every cyclist's favorite thing, but bike theft is a particularly disgusting thing. With so much bike theft in the U.S. lately. It's important to understand the patterns of e-bike theft. And how to prevent them from being stolen.

About electric bike anti-theft

1) Are e-bikes easy to be stolen?

In public areas, e-bikes are vulnerable to theft. Many adult electric bicycles designs at the present stage do not have a key switch, and thieves only need to twist the accelerator to drive away the e-bike. It will disappear from your field of vision in just 20 seconds. In private areas, e-bikes are not easily stolen, and most thieves are unwilling to venture into private areas.

2) Why are e-bikes more likely to be stolen?

Compared with stolen motorcycles and e-bikes, even if the police call the police, they often don't pay attention. They are also lighter than motorcycles and cars, making them easy for thieves to move. Besides that, their batteries are also easy to steal individually.

3) The importance of anti-theft measures for electric bikes

Bike theft has become a growing problem as e-bikes have grown in popularity. In fact, in North America, more than 2 million bikes are stolen each year, which equates to one bike theft every 30 seconds. This is why it is important to equip your e-bike with effective anti-theft measures to prevent it from being stolen. Otherwise, your beloved electric bike may be stolen shortly after buying it.

Bike Theft by The Numbers


Theft Mode for Electric Bikes

1) The law of thieves stealing electric bikes

Those who steal e-bikes are mainly unemployed idlers. Generally, they love brand-name electric bikes, and they will choose bikes that are newer, and in better condition. It can sell for a good price when they change hands. The main periods of activity are lunch breaks, mealtimes, and evenings, stealing when people relax. eBike thieves usually wear a mask or a peaked cap or cover their heads with a hooded sweater. Even if you have surveillance video, it is difficult to find him.

2) Common Theft Methods

There are four most common methods of e-bike theft.
Thieves will look for unlocked bikes and ride them away.
Use a lock-picking tool to pretend to be the owner to open the e-bicycle and ride away.
Use brute force to pick the lock, and use tools such as hydraulic pliers to cut the lock.
Use a car to carry, directly put the e-bicycle on the car, and drive away.

3) Locations of e-bike thefts

Generally. E-bike thefts are concentrated in public areas such as supermarkets, campuses, gyms, and transport hubs. In these high-risk areas, keep an eye on your e-bike.

4) The psychology of a thief

Thieves often target obvious e-bikes, that have loose locks, or have been left unattended for long periods. The thief will stare at the target electric bicycle and walk around before making a move. They generally pick electric bicycles with only one lock, which takes too much time and is easy to be exposed. Generally, the thief's action time is budgeted, no more than 30 seconds during the day and no more than 2 minutes at night.

7 tips for anti-theft of electric bikes

1. Solid chain

The easiest way to prevent e-bikes from being stolen is to use a solid lock and chain. A U-lock is the most common choice because it is not easily cut. You can also secure your e-bike with a solid chain or a combination of locks. If you can only buy folding locks, combination locks, or cable locks, please use them with caution. It usually only takes 3-5 seconds for a thief to cut these locks.

2. GPS

Install GPS on your e-bike. This will allow you to find your bike if it is stolen and help the police catch the thief.

3. Siren

Sirens are a useful tool in the fight against e-bike theft. If a thief tries to touch your e-bike, the alarm will sound to remind you.

4. Safe parking

Park your bike indoors or in your basement at home. Store outdoors or in a supervised location such as a parking lot.

5. Turn back after parking

Turn back after parking. Sneak a peek at the bike from the corner as soon as you enter a public place. Wait two or three minutes before leaving. Thieves will steal your E-bike after you leave it.

6. Compare

It's fun to park the e-bike next to a more expensive bike than yours, and the thief won't notice your e-bike. Steal the more expensive one first.

7. Perfect anti-theft awareness

In the end, it's important to be vigilant and prepared for the possibility of theft. Be aware of your surroundings and always keep an eye on your bike.

What to do if your e-bike is stolen

1. Report to the police station

If your e-bike is stolen, the first step is to call the police. Remember to record your vehicle frame number first, if not the police will not accept it. They will be able to investigate the theft and possibly help you get your bike back. Of course, this probability is very low, and it is very difficult to find an e-bike if it is lost. E-bikes are stolen frequently, but the police have limited manpower, and do not have time to help you find them.

2. Track a stolen e-bike

If you have GPS on your e-bike, you may be able to track it yourself. Remember to bring a friend or the police with you to ensure personal safety.


It is very important to take anti-theft measures for e-bikes to protect your bike's safety. The safety of electric bikes is not limited to anti-theft. In daily riding, there are also some safety tips for electric bikes that have given you popular science before. To learn more about bikes, welcome to subscribe to Euybike.

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