9 Electric Bike Safety Tips

Electric Bike Safety Tips

In recent years, electric bikes have gradually become an important means of transportation for the American people.
However, many people are not familiar enough with e-bicycles, and the hidden dangers have also increased. Learn about the safety tips of e-bikes. Protect yourself and others' lives. Let's learn about it together!

1 - Wear a helmet while riding

Wearing a helmet is the most important thing for all e-bike safety, and the data shows that wearing a helmet can avoid the most life-threatening traffic problems. Listen to mom, don't let her worry.
It is not only recommended to wear a helmet when riding on the road but it is also recommended to wear a helmet when pushing a bicycle.
Wearing a helmet protects your head from the sun or the rain, which can prevent health problems.

2 - Riding on the bike path

Ride in the correct bike lane and avoid riding directly in the car lane.
Most car drivers ignore bikes rushing off the trail, especially trucks, and you tend to be in the blind spot of their field of vision. Once in contact with the truck, it is possible to get caught under the vehicle.

3 - Don't put bikes in hallways

Don't leave your bike in the hallway or corridor of your apartment, it could get your bike stolen.
A child or an adult playing in the hallway may knock over your bike and, in severe cases, scratch your frame.

4 - Charging outdoors

Charge it outdoors. There are many flammable items indoors, and once the battery is charged and caught on fire, it is easy to cause a fire.

5 - Unplug the charger in time

Do not charge the battery for extended periods.

According to the size of the battery capacity, the charging can generally be completed within 6-10 hours. Unplug the charger in time to avoid the possible danger of overcharging the battery.

Regarding the battery, we have previously covered the daily maintenance of lithium batteries. If you are interested, you can learn more.

6 - Use the original configuration of the electric bike

Don't add another battery to your bike, don't remodel your bike.

Some bicycle hobbyists like to modify the motor, tire, and battery, which may pose a safety hazard to the bike.

7 - Park in a safe or shady place

Do not place flammable objects around the bicycle and do not use open flames next to the bicycle.

8 - Buy a regular electric bike

Do not buy illegally modified bikes. Such as 2000W electric bikes and 3000W electric bikes.
Don't buy more than standard bikes. For example 60 MPH bikes, and 80 MPH bikes.

9 - Use the original charger

If the original charger is broken, please contact the seller to buy a new original charger, do not buy inferior chargers. Other brands of chargers may not fit the battery, it is recommended to buy the original charger.


With so many e-bike safety tips out there, if you don't have a bike of your own and are considering buying one, you can take a look at our 10 Tips to know before buying an ebike in 2022, which can help you make a better purchase to the e-bike you want.

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