About the daily maintenance of lithium batteries

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In recent years, lithium batteries have won the favor of many electric bikes users due to their advantages of small size, lightweight, and environmental protection. But if you don't pay attention to the daily maintenance of the battery, its service life will be greatly reduced. Today, I will share with you the maintenance secrets of lithium batteries for Euy electric bike. Hurry up and like it!

The charger must match.

Euy Lithium batteries must use special chargers and do not use lead-acid battery chargers directly. Once an unmatched charger is used, the excessive current generated by it will break down the lithium battery protection system and cause a short circuit, thus causing a safety accident of the lithium battery. Conversely, using a charger with a voltage that is too low will result in inefficient charging and take too much time.

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Master the correct charging method.

Connect the charger and battery pack first, and then connect the power plug of the charger to the 120V AC power supply. Follow this connection sequence to avoid short circuits when plugging and unplugging.

Pay attention to the charging temperature.

In high-temperature weather, try to choose to charge at night. At this time, the temperature is relatively low, and it can reach the best 25°C for lithium battery charging. On the contrary, try to charge during the day in winter. Once the temperature is lower than 0°C, the lithium battery will precipitate "lithium dendrites". Its appearance not only affects the battery life but also may puncture the diaphragm in the lithium battery if it is too much. Create a risk of spontaneous combustion.

Turn off the power in time.

When the Euy lithium battery electric Bikes are not in use, the power should be turned off in time, or the battery pack should be pulled out from the battery holder and stored separately. Because the motor and controller still consume power under no-load conditions. Especially when it is parked for a long time, it is best to perform a charge and discharge similar to "activation" once a month to avoid passivation of the battery electrodes and damage to the electrode structure, thereby affecting the battery life.

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Do not fully charge when you are going to leave it for a long time.

When the lithium battery E-bike needs to be placed for a long time, when charging the battery, it can be charged to about 80% and unplug the power supply. In this case, it will not cause much damage to the lithium battery if the battery is placed for three months. , it will cause the problem of the unstable voltage of the lithium battery, and there will be safety factors. Of course, if you leave it for too long, you still need to recharge the battery in the middle.

Euy K6 Small uses a high-quality lithium battery, stable, high-temperature resistance, IP4 waterproof, short charging time, high power bearing capacity, lightweight, strong adaptability to high and low temperature, can be used in the environment of -20℃--60℃, One year warranty to ensure your stable use and strong security.

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