A Guide to Healthy Cycling in Summer

summer riding guide

As summer approaches, many Euy bike enthusiasts are gearing up for summer bike trips. The heat can't stop them, and who doesn't love riding a bike on a sunny day.
Being prepared will make your journey much more pleasurable. Here is a guide to healthy cycling for enjoying summer.

Stay Hydrated

First and foremost, you must hydrate before going on a ride. Even if you're only on a short trip.
Staying hydrated means your body is better able to cope with water loss from strenuous exercise. which is also a vital strategy to avoid mishaps while riding your EUY electric bike.
In addition to water, a small amount of salt, potassium, and glucose should also be added appropriately. You can choose a sports drink to recover faster.

Recognize Heatstroke

Pay attention to whether you are suffering from heat stroke. When you experience nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, etc. while riding, seek help from a nearby hospital in time.

Replenish Energy

When riding for more than an hour. You need some food to maintain your stamina. Bananas and energy bars are usually an excellent source of energy, so keep some in your backpack.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is a must-have for summer rides. Many cyclists view tan skin as pretty. Sunburn of the skin should be avoided. Sunscreen should be waterproof, because we are prone to sweat when riding.

Cycling Sunglasses

The sun is very strong in summer. If you ride for a long time, you must wear sunglasses when riding an electric bicycle in order to prevent the strong sunlight from hurting your eyes.

Checks Your Bike

Check your brakes, you may encounter pedestrians or vehicles at any time while riding outdoors. Make sure you can brake in time. If the brakes are not sensitive, adjust them in time or send them to a bicycle shop for repair.
Pay attention to tire pressure to prevent the tire blowout.
Check everything, and if needed to maintain then maintain before going on an electric bike ride.

Wear Cycling Gloves

Wear cycling gloves even in hot weather to ensure you don't slip from sweat on your hands. Slippage can be a safety issue when braking and accelerating.

Put On Your Helmet

Remember to wear your helmet! Studies have shown that wearing a helmet has a 95% chance of saving your life in a traffic accident. The majority of fatalities in road accidents are caused by cyclists not wearing helmets.

Avoid Battery Exposure

Avoid charging the battery under direct sunlight. Hot sunlight will increase the temperature of the battery, and charging will also increase the temperature of the battery, which may cause safety problems. If it is only in the sun, the battery will not have safety problems. The battery has undergone many experimental tests, and it is very safe.

Watering and Cooling the Seat Before Riding

To avoid burns, do not sit directly on a seat that has been exposed to the sun for a long time.

Take A Friend Along

Bring a buddy to ride with you, so the ride isn't alone. The scenery along the way is no longer desolate. It's important not to leave your friend behind, maybe he's just riding slower, he's not suffering from heat stroke.


Our summer riding guide will help you stay safe and well on your summer journeys. Be properly prepared to ensure your ride is enjoyable. You can relax and enjoy your ride and the scenery on the road without worrying about anything.

If riding safe is your priority, not just in summer, you can check out our “9 Electric Bike Safety Tips” that we wrote earlier.

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