How to choose the electric bike that suits you?

How to choose the electric bike

How to choose the right electric bike? You can start with the purpose and size of the electric bike. There are many types of electric bikes, and if you are looking for an e-bike that is right for you, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of electric bikes. When you want to buy an electric bike, the first thing you need to know is what purpose your e-bike will be used for. For example, you may need to use it for travel, or just for daily commuting. Last but not least, you need to choose the right size for your e-bike.

Choose the type of e-bike that suits your needs

1) Commuting needs

If you work in a crowded city and have to cross congested streets and people every day, then I think what you need is an electric bike suitable for commuting.

E-bikes for commuting should be easy to carry, foldable, and lighter with smaller tires that will allow you to move through crowds more quickly.

Second, commuter e-bikes must have enough battery power for a 30-mile round trip.

2) Travel needs

If you are tired of the fast-paced life in the city and want to relax by riding a short distance. Then I think your e-bike needs to be foldable and have a long battery life.

The battery life depends on the capacity of the battery. If you don't want to suddenly run out of power while riding, you should buy an electric bike with long battery life. Generally speaking, the capacity of the battery is 10.4Ah, 12.8Ah, 18Ah, etc. It's enough for you to choose 12.8Ah if you want to have a short trip.

3) Freight needs

If you want to ride an electric bike to go shopping on a leisurely weekend, or you need food delivery. Then the electric bike with sufficient power, fast speed, long battery life, and a large rear rack will be your best choice.


The power and speed of an electric bike depend on its motor power, battery voltage, controller voltage, and load. The motor is the power source of the electric bike, which can drive the electric bike forward. It is divided into brushed motors and brushless motors, among which brushless motors have the characteristics of high speed, long life, no noise, strong heat dissipation, and high reliability, compared with brushed motors. Therefore, electric bikes equipped with brushless motors are the best.

There are also many options for motor power. Generally speaking, smaller electric bikes will be equipped with 400W or 500W motors, and those equipped with 750W, 800W, or even 1000W motor power will be much faster. However, it is not that the greater the power of the motor, the faster the riding speed of the machine. Because it must match the battery voltage and controller voltage to achieve the best results.

If you need freight or want to enjoy higher-speed riding, then an electric bike equipped with a brushless high-power motor and a matching battery voltage and the controller will be your best choice.

Finally, if you need to carry people or heavy objects, then an electric bike equipped with a heavy-duty alloy rear rack will be a good choice for you. With it, you can easily carry a person or load.

 4) Demand for mountain biking

If you want to challenge the limit or need mountain riding. An electric bike with fat tires and good shock absorption is the best choice. First of all, fat tires can enhance the adhesion on the surface, and tires with complex patterns can also enhance the friction with the ground, which can effectively prevent you from slipping on the hillside. Besides, there are many potholes on the mountain, an electric bike with a high-elastic aluminum alloy front fork and shock-absorbing seat can effectively filter the impact brought by the rough road during riding, giving you a more comfortable riding experience. In addition, equipped with the adjustable and lockable shock-absorbing front fork also helps to improve the ride. In this way, you can lock the shock absorber when you are not riding on a mountain, and you will not feel uncomfortable due to the vibration.

 5) Demand for road riding

People with road riding needs usually choose electric road bikes. Electric road bikes are just for the occasional road cyclist who needs a helping hand. This type of electric bike usually has the characteristics of thin tires, fast speed, and a light frame, and is specially prepared for people who love cycling.

How to choose an e-bike

Choose the right e-bike size for you

Everyone's height and weight are different, which means that not all electric bikes are suitable for you. You should choose an electric bike with an appropriate size according to your height and weight. This is very important, because once you choose an electric bike that is not suited for you, you may be injured during the ride due to uncontrolled riding.

1) Choose the right tire size

The size of the tire will affect the height of the e-bike, and the width of the tire will also affect the weight capacity of the e-bike. Generally, the wider the tires, the better the e-bike's weight-carrying capacity. For example, 20" x 4.0" fat tires can hold a maximum load of 300 lbs.

2) Choose the height of the frame and seat tube

Choosing the right height is very important if you are a small person. You need to choose an electric bike whose seat tube can be adjusted in height. If the minimum seat height is 33", the maximum seat height is 41" and the recommended rider heights are 5'1" ~ 6'5". A step-through electric bike is also a good choice, even a small person can easily step on it.

How To Choose the Right Electric Bike


Choosing the right e-bike is not that difficult. Determine the purpose of your electric bike, and choose the corresponding electric bike according to your needs; Choose the appropriate size, that's all. Once you identify what you need, everything becomes a lot easier. In addition, before you decide to buy an electric bike, you also need to know "10 tips to know before buying an e-bike in 2022".

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