5 Steps to Quickly Choose an Electric Bike

how to choose electric bike

There are many brands and styles of electric bikes on the market. Many beginners don't know how to buy the right electric bike for them. Today, I will teach you 5 steps to choose an electric bike!

1. According to your needs, choose the type of electric bike.

Choose the type according to your actual needs. For example, office workers generally choose e-bikes for commuting. They can choose EUY K6 and EUY X6 commuter bikes. The delivery person has requirements for speed and mileage and can choose a long-distance electric bike, such as EUY F6.

2. Choose the price according to the budget.

If you only have a budget of $1,000, look only at bikes in the $800-$1,200 price range. Don't look at bikes that exceed your budget by 20%. You can start by googling and identifying 3-7 favorite bikes in your budget range.

3. Select the brand according to the specification.

For example, if you have requirements for battery life and can ride more than 50 miles, then choose the appropriate brand in your price range. If you have requirements for motor power, you can choose the brand that focuses on power. The Euy F6 is a long-distance high-power bike. 750W rated motor, 1000W peak, can ride 40-68 miles, and only costs $1199.

4. Choose the purchase channel according to the brand.

Even the same brand, and different purchase channels. The price and service of bicycles will also vary. On the one hand, it is necessary to facilitate their purchase and after-sales service. On the other hand, get the biggest discount from the merchant. For example, EUY bike can be purchased through the official website and Amazon. However, the EUY Amazon store is not officially operated by EUY, it is operated by an agent. Buying through the Amazon store does not enjoy the official one-year warranty and 14-day free return and exchange service. You can also contact customer service on EUY official website to get the latest discount code, no tax, and free shipping. The EUY Amazon store has no discounts and no pre-sales and after-sales services.

5. Select the purchase time according to the brand and model.

The beginning of the year, the middle of the year, and the end of the year are all seasons for electric bike manufacturers to promote sales. Buying a bike during this period can save a lot of money.

Quick 5 steps to choose an electric bike, have you all learned it?
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    Nice blog about how to choose an e-bike .really cover important point while considering e-bike purchasing.

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