Which Ebike Frame Material Is Better?

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Many friends who want to start electric bicycle do not know how to choose when they encounter all kinds of E-bicycle, especially the frame, which is the skeleton of the entire electric bicycles and is very important. Today, Euy will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the three common frame materials on the market. Please be patient and read the introduction, which will help you better choose your entry-level electric bike.

Aluminum alloy frame

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Aluminum alloy has the following advantages:
1, the aluminum alloy frame will not rust
2. The hardness of aluminum alloy with the same density exceeds that of high-quality steel
3, the same density aluminum alloy is lighter than iron
4. Aluminum alloy has an oxide film, which has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
5, the paint will not fade in the sun and rain,
6, long service life
Aluminum alloys have the following disadvantages:
1. The cost is higher than the cost of steel
2. The molding process is complicated,

High carbon steel (iron) frame

Rusty frame
High carbon steel frame has the following advantages:
1, the raw materials are easily available and the production cost is low
2, high density and strength
3, Strong wear resistance, not easy to leave scratches
4, high strength will not deform

High carbon steel frames also have disadvantages:

1. As we all know, iron is easy to rust, which affects the appearance.
2. The high carbon steel frame has high density and of course the weight is also heavy
3. Corrosion-resistant low carbon steel cannot resist atmospheric corrosion
4. Serious paint peeling due to easy rust
5. It is easily affected by atmospheric corrosion and water, and the frame is deteriorated and broken

Carbon fiber frame

carbon fiber frame
Carbon fiber has the following advantages:
1. Carbon fiber is resistant to ultra-high temperature and has good fatigue resistance
2. Carbon fiber is very light and low in density
3. Carbon fiber has the non-toxic and stable properties of composite materials
4. Excellent wear resistance and impact resistance
5. Anti-deformation, not easy to deform
6. Corrosion resistance
7, the material has shock absorption, which is very important for bicycles

Disadvantages of carbon fiber:
1. Carbon fiber is the same as what we usually hear, and the cost is very expensive
2. The production efficiency of carbon fiber materials is low, and the number of frames processed into
3. The process is the most complicated and the production speed is slow
4. It is basically irreparable after damage, and can only be replaced
5, the material is easy to break after being corroded by water

So how can the novice simply distinguish these kinds of materials by looking at the actual product without looking at the product description?
How to distinguish aluminum alloy materials, the first point is to look at the welding process, the aluminum alloy has a fish scale welding process. The second point is to use a magnet to test, the aluminum alloy cannot be attracted.
How to distinguish high carbon steel material, the surface of high carbon steel is rough, and the welding process is also very rough.
How to distinguish carbon fiber materials, the first point to distinguish carbon fiber is to look at the weight, and the weight of carbon fiber is very light. The second point to distinguish is to look at the surface of the material, carbon fiber has a layer of mesh shape, and the surface is not bumpy.

I believe that friends who have read the material introduction above will now know which frame material is more suitable for you. Aluminum alloy frame is the mainstream material for bicycle frames at present, and most entry-level and mid-range Ebikes frames use aluminum alloy. It can be used not only on city flats, but also on mountain, sand and snow. Most of Euy bikes are made of aluminum alloy, and Euy NXB Fat Tire Electric Bike, Euy F6 Long Range Fat E-bike, Euy X6 Folding Bike Other models use higher-end 6061 aluminum alloy, which is recognized as the best electric bicycle in the bicycle industry. High carbon steel was the mainstream material of the frame in the past, but it has been gradually eliminated. Only low-end models will use it, mainly for urban flats. Carbon fiber is an essential material for the frame of high-end models, and the price will also be very high. The price/performance ratio is very low, and users who have strict requirements on weight can choose bicycles made of this material.

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