What Are The Requirements For A Specialized E-bike?

What Are The Requirements For A Specialized E-bike?

Commuting to college on a regular bike can be a challenge for many. Especially if you live far. You're more likely to lose weight and get exhausted early in the day. Sacrificing leisure time for sleep. But is there any other way possible to not spend much on daily transportation when you can't afford a car? Actually. There is one! And a trendy one. To be honest - the e-bike.

Electric bikes are the future of regular bikes that are slowly getting extinct as transportation means. A decade fast-forwards. The old-fashioned regular bikes will be left for exercise only since the e-bikes are gradually taking over. Since 2006. The sales of e-bikes have boosted each year at rates between 19% to 76% in USA.
With such a rapid increase in sales and the high demand, it is only reasonable that you get one for yourself before you're left out of the cool club. Jokes aside. Having an electric bicycle at home can be quite useful in case of emergency or petrol shortage. And you'll be thrilled to know that e-bikes are way faster and stronger than regular bikes. So why wait? Unless you don't know the requirements for a specialized e-bike.

So here we are with this basic requirements guide for purchasing a specialized e-bike.

Classification of E-bikes:

E-bikes are classified into three groups based on their different features. These classes are described briefly below:

Class 1:

This class includes electric bicycles with pedal-assist only, which works by the pressure of your feet These e-bikes have no throttle on the handlebar, and the electric motor shuts off after you reach 20mph.

Class 2:

The class 2 e-bikes work via throttle control with the pedal assist and the electric motor. It is an advanced modification of the class 1 e-bikes.

Class 3:

The class 3 e-bikes are similar to the class 2 e-bikes apart from the top speed limit. 28mph. This class of e-bikes is faster and more powerful than those mentioned above.

Types of Electric Bike:

There's a long list of ebikes as there is always room for innovation; however. The 5 basic types of ebikes are listed below:

Commuter's E-bike:

Commuters e-bikes are designed for commuters with daily transportation. They are foldable and cost-effective as compared to other bikes. These e-bikes are equipped with extra accessories like lighting. Fenders. And sometimes bigger tires like the ones at Euy.

Cruiser's E-bike:

These e-bikes have combined features of the commuter's ebikes. However. They have an upright seating position and are more relaxing to ride on. They have plush seats and wide tires to assist you while riding; however. They are not suitable for covering longer distances.

Road E-bikes:

Road bikes are designed to cover the farthest distances at a rapid speed. They come with narrow tires and frames. Making them slimmer and lighter in weight. Although they are uncomfortable, road bikes have a powerful motor that allows them to climb steeper hills simultaneously.

All-terrain E-bikes:

All-terrain bikes are big. Bulky e-bikes with fast and demanding pedal-up steep grades. These bikes are designed to handle rough terrains and road obstacles. Although they are pretty comfortable. They don't always stand by the safety standards of a particular area.

Cargo E-bikes:

Cargo e-bikes are the king of all e-bikes because of their huge size and weight They can carry extra passengers and bulky items like grocery hauls in a single go. These electric bikes are pedal-assisted and have a huge motor. Its only downside is the size and weight. Making it seem almost like a mini motor bike.
Buying Guide for a Specialized E-bike?
The different electric bikes require a personal buying guide; however. We have composed this guide for a specialized commuter's bike. Keeping the most popular demand in view. You can find such features in Euy e-bikes with all types of quality e-bikes in stock. Head below to know the basic elements of a specialized e-bike:

Battery Durability:

While buying a specialized e-bike. Check the battery's durability. Some batteries take longer to charge and drain faster. So it is better to go for a battery that doesn't drain faster and is durable for the day. You can also check for e-bikes that have 2 batteries so that you don't have to carry a charger around. From the mounting options. You can choose between integrated and external. We recommend external batteries as they're replaceable and easily changeable.

Motor Size:

The second important element of a specialized e-bike is the motor size. The average size for a specialized e-bike for commuting is 250-350 watts. As it allows you to save money while spending 20-25 miles per hour on the ride. However. if you want a quality e-bike. Don't compromise on the motor and go straight for a 500-750 watts powerful motor. Euy sells specialized e-bikes with Shimano 750W motors. Considered top-notch for e-bikes.


Pedal assist is the key feature of specialized e-bikes. Differentiating them from regular bikes. Pedal-assist gives you an effortless pedal experience from the first kick till the end by putting the load on the motor. Most e-bikes have an average of 3-4 assist levels. Giving them control over their speed and power saving. On the contrary. Euy has 0-7 pedal-assist levels, which gives you total control. The only way to check the pedal-assist of an electric bikes is by test-driving it before buying.

LED Lighting:

LED lighting might seem like an add-on feature in ebikes when it's not. LED lights are a part of the safety standards set by the European Union and the US. as they save you from accidents at night Even if you're riding during the daytime. There are chances of fog that add up to the risk. Specialized e-bikes require a minimum LED voltage of 12V to 16V. Euy specialized e-bikes have a 48V LED front light. more than enough for a quality specialized e-bike.


LCDs play their part in specialized e-bikes by updating you on the miles covered per hour. This can come in handy when you're in a flow and don't wish to get stranded out on a long ride. Euy offers specialized e-bikes with mid-mounted displays and a USB charging device for better efficiency.

Weight Factor:

Make sure that the bike you choose has a low weight as it makes carrying it easier. Commuting electric bicycles are mostly small and lightweight. Generally. A specialized e-bike weighs between 32-70lbs. According to stats. However, if you want to pick something durable. you should pick the middleweight. The specialized e-bikes (for commuting) sold at Euy have a standard weight of 60lbs. Considered suitable and safe.


The buying guide mentioned above lists all the basic features you should look for in a specialized e-bike. As these are the necessary features, we encourage you to ponder over the add-ons. Like anti-theft. Seat cushioning. Frame structure. And other minor details that can cause problems in the long run. If you're purchasing an e-bike for regular use. the best marketplace we recommend is Euy. As it sells the quality product. You can visit their store online and buy their e-bikes without any worries as they have a 1 -year warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Buy first before they run out of stock!

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