Pedal Assist Electric Bike

Pedal Assist Electric Bike

Pedal-Assist Electric Bikes and why it's the best choice for transportation today.

Let's be clear, I want to talk about pedal-assist e-bikes and not simply electric bikes. The difference between the two is seen in their respective names. Pedal-assist bikes are e-bikes that use the pedals to use the motor. On the other hand, electric bikes include a broad range of bikes that can also include pedal-assist electric bike, throttle bikes, or a combination of both. With a throttle e-bike you press a switch that turns on the engine, then you use the throttle by twisting the handlebar to make the bike go faster or slower. Pedal-assisted bikes however don't use throttles on their handle barshandlebarsor pedals. Instead, the motor runs when you start to pedal. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops. This means the motor is there to help you pedal and it isn't there to transport you like a normal motorized vehicle. However, there are some models which allow both throttle and pedal assist.For example, K6, F6, NXB, etc. of EUY e-bike.

So why is the pedal-assist e-bike the best choice for transportation for your everyday commute? Consider this: What are the most common problems with transportation today? I'm sure you've complained about any of the following in no particular order: 1. Traffic, 2. Cost of Petrol (Gasoline/Diesel for motor vehicles) and 3. Lack of Parking spaces.


First of all, even traditional bicycles help you with this problem. Bikes are much smaller than cars and will allow you to squeeze inroads too small for normal vehicles. But the advantage of bikes is you don't need to spend as much energy to get to your destination. Now because Pedal-Assist Electric Bike have a motor, you have to first be aware of the traffic rules of your state or country. For example, in my city, law enforcement is very lenient on bikes or motorcycles that cut in between cars during rush hour. During a normal traffic day, bikes will still need to follow normal traffic rules, but during rush hour, when all the cars are standing still in the middle of the road, the cops understand that sometimes you should be allowed to go in between traffic as long as you are not damaging other vehicles or causing more congestion because of the route you are taking. Law enforcement officers understand that if they let some bikes past the traffic, it lessens the volume of vehicles still on the road. This will allow traffic to improve much faster than if they forced the bikes into lanes. Of course, this rule doesn't apply to all locations so please know the rules of your city before you weave between cars. At the very least, however, bikes allow you access to side streets too narrow for cars to use. For example on my route to the office, several side roads will allow me to cut through all the intersections and stop signs on the main road. The problem is those side roads usually have several cars parked on them or there are stalls in the middle of the road blocking the path for normal cars. This is not a problem for Pedal-Assist E-Bikes or even just normal Bicycles because the space is enough for them to go past.

In our city, we can use pedal-assist e-bikes to go through sidewalks and parks as long as the battery is detached. There are so many EUY models of Electric bikes which have detachable batteries such as the EUY X6, EUY K6, the K6 Electric Mini bike, the F6, and many others. This gives anyone more freedom in the routes they take in their daily commute.

Even better, several bikes, especially the EUY brand, are foldable, allowing you to take them inside the metro or even buildings if you can use them to cut on your transportation time. Examples of foldable bikes are the Euy All-terrain HMXD, EUY K6 Folding electric bike, K6 Electric Mini Bike, and other models.

While we're on the topic of traffic, as you know, one of the biggest challenges that traffic gives to the commuter is lost time. You lose a lot of time in the middle of the day because you're stuck in the middle of the road for hours on end. Hours you could have spent on improving yourself or your health. So besides the time you save, because you're able to weave your way between traffic jams, you also save time on a little bit of the workout when you bike. You can track how much cardio you do whenever you pedal to the office using health applications that track your heart rate and correspondingly you can cut that from a load of your next workout.

Cost of Petrol/Gasoline

The average person is still affected by the rising gasoline prices and costs of basic goods due to the increased costs to transport those basic needs. If there's one thing this situation has shown us, is that it's about time we found other sources of clean energy to meet our daily needs. With the technology of ebike and specifically pedal-assist electric bikes, we save so much money by not having to top up our cars every two weeks in going to work. E-bikes use batteries that can be charged by plugging into a power source and isn't dependent on petrol to run. And even better than standard electric bicycles are pedal-assist electric bicycles because since you have the option to use the motor only when you pedal, a lot of the force used to propel you is not generated by the battery. This means the battery life of pedal-assist electric bicycles is even longer than most electric bikes which allows you to save on energy costs for charging which is another concern. Just looking at the catalog of the EUY brands, you can see that their battery lifespan can last around sixty miles and you will only need to charge them between five to seven hours.

Parking (and including theft)

Did I mention that several EUY Electric Bikes were foldable? Well, let me emphasize this again. You can carry it in your office and keep it safe in a storage room. You will never have to worry about being too late to the office to save your favorite parking space. You can now avoid all the meter maids and increasing costs of parking on sidewalks. And while many areas have dedicated parking spaces for bikes. The intrinsic flaw of the bike's design allows it to be stolen easily. Well, good luck to any thief that wants to steal your bike that's being stored under your desk if you have a big enough desk. But at the very least, you can bring it to a storage space where you can keep it safe.


The benefits and versatility of a Pedal-Assist Electric Bike can't be overlooked. Perhaps the only reason why we would want to keep using traditional means of commuting is because of familiarity and the comfort and security that comes with such familiarity. However, based simply on the advantages discussed above, it would be difficult to justify that any other mode of transport is better. If you have ever been to Vietnam, most people there prefer to use motorcycles over cars for their transportation needs. It's cheaper, easier to maintain, and can quickly maneuver around the city. Pedal-Assist Electric bikes are just motorcycles with a cleaner source of energy and the versatility to transform into a normal bicycle. You can't beat that. Check out up-and-coming E-Bike suppliers such as EUY if you want more opinions about this topic.

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    How do I turn off pedal assist and change pad to mph?

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