E-bike Beginners Guide: How to Ride an E-bike

E-bike Beginners Guide How to Ride an E-bike

Electric bikes are a popular way of travel recently, but there are still people who don't know how to ride them. When you are walking on the road or stuck in traffic, you may envy the e-bike rider who passes by you. So in this article, I will let you know about the preparations you should make before riding an e-bike and some riding tips that will help you.

Preparation For Riding

If you have never ridden an electric bike, the following preparations are what you must know before you ride.

Adjust the electric bike to a suitable height

Before you get ready to ride, ensure your e-bike seat is the right height for you. Generally speaking, when you sit on the seat, the safe height is that your feet can touch the ground. If not, you may fall over when you stop pedaling and your feet don't touch the ground. In the event of an emergency, you risk losing control.

Checking brake in advance

It's essential to test the brakes and ensure they're functioning properly to avoid any potential danger. When the brakes are malfunctioning, you can also find out and solve it in time. If possible, checking the brakes on a slope can provide a more accurate assessment of their performance. 

Know your riding route 

In order to avoid getting lost while riding, plan the cycling route before starting, without stopping to check the map halfway. Assemble the phone holder on the bike, free your hands, and follow the guidance of GPS. Experience cycling adventures when you don't have a route planned. Discover your new backcountry base by exploring uncharted trails or forests.

Put on helmets and other protective equipment 

Helmets are mandatory for all riders since the head is the most vulnerable part of the body and susceptible to fatal injuries. Doing that can protect the head well and reduce the degree of accidental injury, and it can be said that the helmet is a veritable life-saving artifact and the last line of defense in the event of an accident.
In addition to wearing a helmet, knee pads or elbow pads can help reduce the risk of injury from falls.Euybike F6 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Beginner Riding Tips

Slow down at first

When riding for the first time, start at a slow speed and gradually increase it as you get used to it. Don't think about riding fast when riding for the first time. You should ride slowly and start riding at the lowest speed you can. When starting, you can try to turn the throttle slightly, and then put your legs on the pedals. Slowly increase the speed until you get used to it. Then, everything becomes easy and you find that you can even race and start enjoying the wonderful electric bike journey.

Make sure to keep your hand on the brake

Keep your hand lightly touching the brake when holding the handlebars so that you can brake in time. The left brake is the front brake and the right brake is the rear brake. The front brake is for emergencies, it stops the bike as soon as you brake. But you may lean forward when you use the front brake alone and when you use the front brake and brake suddenly on a rainy day, it will be easier to slip. When you use the rear brake alone, your e-bike will slow down, but not come to a complete stop. So the best way to use the brake is to combine the rear brake with the front brake for optimal stopping power.

Relax your arms

Relax your arms to better control the direction of your e-bike and ease any initial feelings of panic. Many people feel panicked when riding an e-bike for the first time, and their arms are tense. That is understandable because when you know nothing about e-bikes, you may think it will take a lot of power to hold the handlebars and turn the bike to prevent falls. In fact, all you need is to relax your arms so that you have better control over the direction of the e-bike.

Be careful of the vehicles around you

Riding at an intersection, usually a high-risk area for traffic accidents, make sure the light is green before passing. Try to ride on dedicated sidewalks or bike lanes. When we have to ride on the road, don't get close to big cars or trucks, keep a proper distance from them. Also, different states in the United States have different maximum speed regulations, usually 20-28 MPH. Riding according to your local speed limit and not competing with other cyclists can prevent 80% of accidents.

To sum up

If you master the above skills and tips, riding an electric bike is more than enough for you. By following these tips and mastering the necessary skills, you'll be able to confidently enjoy your riding.
So don't worry that you can't ride, just ride with Euybike now!

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