How to Make an E-bike Go Faster - 7 Easy Tips for Beginners

How to Make an E-bike Go Faster

How to make an e-bike go faster is what many people want to know and speed is one of the deciding factors for many people to choose e-bikes.
Electric bikes can be divided into three types, class 1, 2, and 3. E-bike laws have restrictions on the maximum speed of these three types of e-bikes. The top speed of class1 and 2 can be 20mph, while the maximum speed of class 3 can be It's 28mph. However, there are still plenty of e-bikes with far lower top speeds than those. And today, I will share with you how to make an e-bike go fast. If you want to make your e-bike go faster, keep reading!

Program the Speed Setting

The first and easiest way is to set the bike itself to its top speed. All e-bikes can be programmed for speed, although each model does this differently. And for Euybike F6 or Euybike S4 and other which uses the same type of S830 display, to achieve the highest speed, you can go through the following programming steps.
Press the "M" key to start, and simultaneously hold down the "︿" and "﹀" keys until the meter changes, to enter the programming state.
Note: Press the "M" key to switch the P number, and the "︿" and "﹀" keys to adjust the corresponding parameters.
Press the "M" key to P08 and set it to 0100. P08 represents whether to trigger the speed limit, the maximum speed, you can set it to 100 to reach the top speed. On the contrary same, if you think it is too fast, You can lower it to 050 or even 025.
However, before you set the speed of the bike, you'd better contact the service provider of the electric bike and ask them for all the programming information, to prevent you from setting other parameters that affect the normal use of the electric bike by mistake.
You can also check out the YouTube video below to learn more about the LCD setting.

Adjust or Replace Tire

Regarding tire adjustment, the first step is to adjust the tire pressure. Too low tire pressure will affect the riding speed of an e-bike to a certain extent. Because when the tire pressure is low, it will increase the area of the thrust surface and therefore increase the friction. Conversely, once you inflate the tire to a higher pressure, it will swell up and have less surface area and less friction. However, it is not recommended to ride with high tire pressure on rainy days. The reduced friction will lead to the possibility of skidding when braking.
Another way to reduce friction to increase speed can be to change tires with fewer patterns. But the same as adjusting tire pressure, replacing smooth tires may cause slippage due to reduced friction, so you need to weigh the pros and cons between speed and safety.

Keep Your Battery Fully Charged

Anyone who has ridden an e-bike regularly will know that every time you fully charge the battery, the e-bike will always go a little faster than usual. That's not without reason, when you fully charge the battery, it will output a higher current to power the e-bike and therefore, it goes faster than usual. Its speed will gradually slow down as the battery wears down. However, if the speed slows down too quickly, the battery may have been broken.
So if you want to go faster, you can charge it after every ride, so that every time you ride the bike, it's always fully charged and gives you more current so faster.

Change To A Higher Voltage Battery

There are many different batteries for electric bicycles. In addition to the different amperage of the battery, there are also volts, such as 36V, 48V, and 52V. The higher the volts of the battery, the more battery packs it has been installed in. The volts of the battery have only a small effect on the speed though, and indirectly. But if you think that a little speed increase will meet your needs, it is also a good way. If you want to replace it with a higher voltage battery, the premise is to match the controller of the e-bike. It is to say if the battery is 48V, then correspondingly, the controller must also be 48V.

Euybike F6 Fat Tire Fast E-Bike

Upgrade The Motor and Controller

The motor provides power for the electric bike. Therefore, the wattage of the motor can directly determine the speed of the e-bike. If the above operations still can not meet your demand for speed, then the most direct way is to upgrade the motor and the controller that matches it. Of course, a 1000W motor will be much faster than a 750W one. You can replace the 500W motor with a 750W, 1000W, or even bigger one. But in addition to replacing the motor, there is one more thing that you must do. You need to replace the controller that matches the motor and battery to prevent the controller from overloading.
By the way, be sure to check your local e-bike laws before you upgrade it, in some states there are legal restrictions on e-bike motors and speeds.

Regular Maintenance of E-bikes

Routine maintenance of electric bicycles can not only delay the life of e-bikes but also keep them at their original speed.
That includes maintaining the chain, repairing fenders that rub against tires, or anything else that can slow down an e-bike.
If you want your electric bike to maintain its original speed, you need to carry out routine maintenance on it. Once the chain is rusted, there will be many raised rusts on its surface. That will increase the friction between the chain and the gears, increasing the resistance when riding, resulting in insufficient power and slow speed. Although the speed limit is minimal, if it accumulates over time, it will have a great impact on the speed. So, if you forget to do routine maintenance on your chain and your e-bike has rust on the chain, you need to remove the rust and lubricate it.
The fender rubbing against the tires not only makes an annoying squeal but also slows down the e-bike somewhat. Therefore, fix it!

Change the Riding Position

The riding posture can also affect the riding speed. You'll find that professional cyclists often don't straighten their backs when riding their bikes, but instead lower their bodies and bend over to gain speed. Then the same is true for riding electric bikes. When you bend over, your body curls up, which greatly reduces the wind area, thereby reducing riding resistance, and thus it will go fast.

How fast can an e-bike go?

After you set and adjust the e-bike, the e-bike will reach its top speed.
So what is the fastest speed an electric bike can reach? Common brands of electric bikes have top speeds between 15 and 35 Mph. Euybike's e-bike has a top speed of between 28 and 32 mph. You can check to know more about How fast can an e-bike go


Through the above methods, you can make your bike go faster. But there is no doubt that it is best to buy an electric bicycle that is fast enough from the beginning. You can choose an e-bike with a larger motor such as 1000W or a larger battery like Euybike S4. If you have already bought an e-bike and you think it is not fast enough, then you can try the above methods.

If you have a better way to improve the speed of an e-bike, you can leave a comment below.

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