How much does an electric bike cost?

How much does an electric bike cost

The cost of electric bikes has many ranges. The price of cheap and low-quality electric bikes is between $400 and $700. The price of high-quality and cheap electric bikes is generally between $900 and $1800, while the price of a high-quality electric bicycle shop is between $2000 and $2000. Between $5000. You can choose which bike to buy based on your income.

What are the components of the cost of an electric bike?

E-bike Frame

E-bikes start with the cost of the frame. Different material frames have different prices. The most common frames are iron frames, aluminum alloy frames, magnesium alloy frames, carbon fiber frames, and titanium alloy frames. The difference in their previous costs can range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, and the price fluctuates greatly. Even frames made of the same metal material may have slight differences. For example, the 6061 aluminum alloy frame is a proven and easy-to-use bike frame, which is stronger than ordinary aluminum alloy frames and is not easy to break. Of course, you may ask, which material is the best for the frame, I think you can read our previous article on which electric bike frame material is better.

Battery capacity

Generally, the battery capacity is equal to the riding distance. The distance an e-bike can travel depends largely on how the bike is ridden and how big the battery is. The bigger the battery capacity, the farther you can go. With the ability to ride with pedal assist, you can go farther. The battery capacity is measured in amperage, from 5Ah to 50Ah, the larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume. Of course, a more professional term is in watt-hours. How is the watt-hour of the battery calculated? We multiply the battery's volts by the amperes to get watt-hours. For example, a 48V 10Ah battery, its watt-hour is 48*10 equal to 480 watt-hours. 400 to 500 WH batteries are common for e-bike batteries. Watt-hours generally range from 300 watt-hours to over 1500 watt-hours. The battery has a large impact on the price of the bike, which is the most important component.

Motor power size

The power of motors on the market ranges from 250W to 1500W. Many countries in Europe have rigid regulations that the power of motors used cannot exceed 250W. The United States does not clearly stipulate limited motor power. Generally, the power of electric bicycles on the US market is 500W and 750W. Electric bikes are usually divided into class 1, class 2, and class 3, and none of them exceed 750W. The specific regulations of each class are described in detail in "What is the difference between classes 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes?". But recently, more and more consumers have asked us to buy 1000W e-bikes. We have checked the laws of the United States, and there is no clause that strictly prohibits bikes with more than 750W from being on the road. So we released the S4 moped-style electric bike and the K6 Pro fat tire electric bike. They are equipped with a powerful 1000W motor with a torque of up to 96N.M. When you unscrew the accelerator, you can immediately feel the electricity roaring like a beast. The motor is also a major part of the cost of the bike, if you're going to be riding hilly terrain or carrying heavy loads, a bigger motor can help you out, choose a motor with different watts depending on your needs.

Electric Bike Gear Shifter

Now, most of the bike gear shifter market has been occupied by Shimano and SRAM. They are indeed cost-effective parts and generally have 5 to 17 gears.

Bike Tires

In North America, cyclists prefer fat tires that can be used all-terrain. Tire sizes are generally 2.0 inches to 5.0 inches. Electric bikes with fat tires are also more popular and, likewise, more expensive than thin tires. If it is equipped with MAXXIS, KENDA, CST, PIRELLI, WTB, INNOVA, GOODYEAR, Tectonite, and other brand tires, the price will be 50 to 500 dollars more expensive. Generally, electric bicycles worth $1,000 will use CST or KENDA, which are high-cost bicycle tires.

20x4 Inch KENDA Fat Tires

Electric Parts

Durable bike chains and pedals help you ride with ease. Advanced brakes that stop a fast-moving bike are just two small factors that add to the cost.

E-bikes so expensive

Even knowing what a bike's components are made of, e-bikes may still feel like they're expensive. For a more in-depth look, check out our report on Why are e-bikes so expensive? Of course, if your income is not high, we do not recommend that novices choose expensive electric bicycles at the beginning. You can choose some entry-level electric bicycles first, like Euybike X6 or Euybike NXB electric bike. They're perfect for new cyclists, students and seniors alike, who will love riding them.

Euybike hopes to help more bike beginners choose their ideal bike. E-bikes are fun to ride and a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around, we hope you will learn more about them and own your own bike.

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