Everything You Need to Know About E-Bike Suspension

Everything You Need to Know About E-Bike Suspension

Suspension is one of the important components of an electric bicycle, and it assumes the role of providing comfort for the e-bike rider. The upgrade to comfort is quite important and the upgrade of the e-bike to improve comfort includes but is not limited to seat, suspension, and tire. Well, the most important of these is suspension. Therefore, in this article, I will explain the difference between different suspensions.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about electric bike suspension and how to choose. 

What is E-Bike Suspension?

E-Bike Suspension refers to the assembly of different types of shock absorbers on the front or rear of the electric bike frame to improve riding comfort. In short, it can provide comfort for e-bike riders. It will separate the wheels from the frame to reduce the impact when riding on rough roads and therefore improve the riding experience. It can be said that it is like installing springs on your shoes.

Why E-Bike Suspension is important?

A well-equipped suspension is one of the performances of a high-quality E-Bike. A good E-Bike Suspension can not only provide you with comfort and will not feel uncomfortable when you ride long distances because of potholes, but also well-protect the e-bike from a large impact and cause the frame to occur deformation and eventually fracture.

Classification of E-Bike Suspensions

1)According to different suspension types, can be divided into Spring Suspension, Hydraulic Suspension, Pneumatic Suspension, and Resistance Rubber. Among them, spring suspensions and hydraulic suspensions are the most common in electric bicycles. Hydraulic suspension relatively speaking performance will be better and therefore it can bring a better riding experience to the rider, and hydraulic suspension is also more durable and not easily damaged. The cost of the spring shock absorber is lower than the hydraulic shock absorber, but correspondingly at the same time, the effect will be greatly reduced.

2)According to the different positions installed in the e-bike, it can be divided into the following four types:

Front Suspension

Front suspension is generally on the front fork of the electric bike, which is called front fork suspension. It can be divided into adjustable and non-adjustable shock-absorbing front forks. The adjustable shock absorber front fork, as the name implies, means that you can adjust the softness and hardness of the shock absorber according to the terrain you are riding on. If the terrain is flat, it is suitable to harden it or even turn it off. If you are riding in rugged terrain, the best way to improve comfort is to soften the shock fork. Of course, it costs more compared to a non-adjustable shock fork. Generally, e-bikes under $1000 are equipped with non-adjustable shock forks, such as Euybike NXB and F6 long-range e-bike, and over $1000 will come with adjustable shock forks like the Euybike Auloor full suspension all-terrain e-bike.
Depending on the cost of the electric bike, it may be spring suspension or hydraulic suspension.

Rear Suspension

The rear shock absorber is generally at the connection part between the rear wheel and the frame. It can absorb the vibration of the rear wheel to improve comfort when you go downhill.

Euybike F6 All Terrain Long Range E-Bike

Full Suspension

Full suspension e-bike includes front suspension and rear suspension, therefore called dual shock absorbers. Professional riders or those who often ride on rough roads will choose electric bicycles equipped with full suspension. They are usually a combination of spring suspension, hydraulic suspension, or just spring suspension. Use springs or hydraulics in the front forks and springs in the rear. For example, Euybike S4 or Euybike K6 Pro, are all full suspension electric bike. Euybike S4 uses an adjustable shock-absorbing hydraulic front fork and rear spring suspension. The combination of the front and rear suspension not only has a perfect shock absorption effect but also improves the riding experience, which can be said to be the best choice for off-road and commuting.

No Suspension

An e-bike without suspension is rigid and cannot reduce the impact when going through rough roads. Suspension is important as an accessory to enhance the riding experience, but sometimes you may not need to use them, for example, riding on urban roads without rough roads. Therefore, sometimes you will find that urban commuting electric bicycles are not equipped with suspension.

How to Choose E-Bike Suspension?

It is not difficult to choose the right e-bike suspension for you, you can follow the following two points.

According to the terrain

First of all, the first point is the terrain, which directly determines what type of suspension to buy. If you often ride on flat terrain in the city, then you can choose an e-bike with only front suspension or even an e-bike without suspension. On flat roads, there is not much difference between spring suspension and hydraulic suspension. If you often ride in rough mountains or potholes, it is recommended to choose full suspension. This will greatly enhance your riding experience.

According to your budget

The second point is your budget. Generally speaking, the price of spring suspension will be more favorable, and hydraulic suspension is more durable and has a better shock absorption effect, so it will be more expensive. You can choose what suspension e-bike is equipped with according to your budget.

To Sum up

As one of the components to reduce road bumps, electric bicycle suspension can greatly improve riding comfort.
To choose the e-bike suspension type that suits you, you can choose Euybike, which includes e-bikes suitable for urban commuting and mountain biking.
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