Why e-bike is the best choice for urban commuting?

best e-bikes for urban commuting

If you want to ask what means of transportation is the best for urban commuting, I believe many people will have a consistent answer, that is commuting e-bike. As e-bike become lighter, more efficient, and more affordable, more and more commuters are choosing to travel on e-bikes, and ditching public transportation for a healthier and cheaper mode of transportation. It has to be said that e-bike is the best choice of transportation for commuting, especially in crowded cities.

No traffic congestion

For short-distance commutes, electric bikes are without a doubt the best way to commute and get to your destination quickly. Traffic jam incidents are non-existent for electric bikes. E-bikes are relatively small, and they take up less space when riding, so you can quickly cross streets that are congested with cars, and you can even cross paths that cars can't pass through. This will greatly reduce your commute time, which means you will have more time to sleep and eat breakfast. You know, getting enough sleep and eating breakfast is extremely important to our health.

Save your commute costs

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, it becomes more and more expensive for people to commute by taxi or by car. A 2-mile taxi ride will cost you $20, and the cost of commuting for a month could be enough to buy a perfect electric bike! Electric bikes are a one-time fee, not only is it a low purchase cost, but you don't need to pay extra for your electric bike. Electric bike charging is cheap, and you only need to charge your electric bike for a few hours to cover your day's commute. In addition, the cost of repairing an e-bike is much lower than that of a car, which is affordable for most people.

Euy X6 commuting electric bike

The battery life meets the needs of commuting

Generally speaking, a few hours of charging can meet the needs of a day's commuting. If your battery is 48V12.8Ah, then you can ride 60 miles away after 5-6 hours of charging. Also, charging an e-bike is easy. Perhaps the biggest reason why e-bikes are finally gaining favor is the ubiquitous charging network. Charging an e-bike can be accomplished by simply plugging the battery connector into a standard power outlet for a few hours. Or you can remove your battery and charge it.

Commuting time is manageable

With e-bikes, you can always choose your departure time according to your schedule. Unlike public transport, which is unpredictable. You don't have to be forced to change your schedule because of the bus's arrival time, and you won't have to worry about missing the last bus if you leave work too late. When you take the bus or subway, you have to wait, which means you may be late unless you leave early and sacrifice bedtime and breakfast time.

No need to search for a parking space

Nowadays, every household owns a car is the norm. However, everyone driving to work may face a shortage of parking spaces. You'll be annoyed that your car doesn't have a parking space, spend a lot of time finding a parking space for your car, and you have to start early to search for a suitable parking spot. Owners of e-bikes don't have this annoyance, as e-bikes take up far less road space when parked than cars. They can park their e-bikes anytime, anywhere, and even fit the bike into the apartment with ease. This is one of the reasons why e-bikes are the most popular way to commute.

Switch riding modes anytime

If you're bored with pedals, e-bikes seem to be immediately useful. Compared with traditional bicycles, riding an electric bike will not make you sweat, at least when you arrive at the company for work, it will not make you feel uncomfortable.
Electric bikes have three riding modes for you to choose from: when you are riding on flat ground, you can choose the pedal mode, and your body will get exercise in this mode; when you need to climb hills, you can choose pedal-assist mode so you can get to the top with less energy or a pure electric mode that twists the handlebars when you're tired.
The most obvious advantage of an e-bike is to get you uphill. No one likes riding a bike hard on a steep incline, and with power, you don't have to. Even with a cheap e-bike, you can conquer most hills you come across without a hitch. Just pedal in a leisurely way and enjoy the feeling of waving to a sweaty road cyclist while overtaking.

Routine maintenance is simple

With regular maintenance on your bike, you don't have to worry about it breaking down halfway. In addition, the structure of the electric bike is simple, you do not need to go to a special repair shop for maintenance, and you can complete the maintenance of your bike yourself. If you are a new rider, you should need to know how often to maintain your electric bike.

Keep healthy

Nowadays, many young people are busy with work and have no time to exercise. So will also spend a lot of money to go to the gym to exercise, or even buy a fitness card. However, after buying it, the fitness card is left in the corner. Electric bikes are different, they don't require you to spend extra time or money to keep healthy. The electric part of e-bike movement is to "assist" your pedals, not replace them, you still need to pedal your e-bike. While saving energy, electric bikes also allow your body to perform its functions. You don't need to put in a lot of effort to get the workout done. So on your commute, your body is already getting a workout. You can learn more about how electric bikes can improve your health.

More environmentally friendly

With the development of the economy, our life has also become better. But at the same time, the earth has become bruised and bruised. Today, our environmental awareness is gradually deepening, and we pay more attention to protecting the earth for sustainable development. Low-carbon travel has become what people need to consider, electric bikes have done it, and low-carbon environmental protection has become synonymous with it. They don't use fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel as cars do, so they help clean the air and reduce climate change.

K6 mini commuting electric bike

Re-perceive our surroundings

With the rise of the era of big data, most of our lives have been digitized, and the description of going to certain places has become the conversion of subway lines. However, electric bikes can lead us to temporarily escape from the solid space created by reinforced concrete, escape from everything "recommended" by big data and ratings, and go to real life to explore more unexpected possibilities. But the subway won't stop because of a unique advertising poster, the bus won't let you off because of the flowers outside the window, and the taxi also implements the concept of "time is money". But e-bikes do, and you can stop and admire the stunning scenery at any time.

Wrapping Up

Electric bicycles have indeed brought us great convenience, and more and more people choose electric bikes as their commuting method. Because e-bikes not only save you from the traffic jams and hassle of finding a parking space, get you to your destination faster, but also don’t require you to spend extra time exercising. If you are still worried about your daily commute, then I think you might as well try EUY commuter electric bikes to reach your destination in less time and in a more environmentally friendly way.

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