Are Ebikes Worth It?

Are Ebikes Worth It

Hey, everyone, this is Tom, the Euybike mechanic, and I will discuss with you today, are Ebikes Worth It? The answer is yes, electric bikes are of great help to our daily life, whether it is commuting, adventure, or short distance Traveling, E-bikes are your good partners.

Of course, not everyone is suitable for commuting by electric bike, and it will likely be in your warehouse after you buy it. You'll need to assess whether it's the best commute based on your needs.

whether an e-bike is worth it by several factors

Commuting distance

An important factor in whether an electric bike is worth buying is your commuting distance. If your electric bike range can cover your commute distance, then congratulations, electric bikes are a great means of commuting, and is worth it. If your commute takes a long time, and you need to go to a bus or subway station for transportation, and the distance to go is long, then an electric bike is worth it.

Is there a slope on your way

But before that, you need to know whether you need to climb hills in your commute. If so, electric bikes are a better choice. Especially in summer, the hot weather combined with the steep slopes can leave you out of breath and that's annoying. If the road has no slopes or hills, you can also buy traditional bicycles.

Your budget

Your budget needs to include the price of the e-bike itself as well as the cost of charging your e-bike. Of course, maintenance costs are also included, although it is minimal.

If your battery life requirements for electric bikes are not so strict, then for $500-$800, you will be able to buy an electric bike with a battery life of 30 miles. For consumers with long commuting distances, Tom recommends that you buy a Long-Range electric bike. Choose an electric bike with a battery of 16A or more, so that you don’t have battery anxiety. Euybike is a long-range electric bicycle expert, their F6, S4, and K6 Pro, the battery is 18-25Ah and can meet your commuting needs. The price ranges from $999-$1899, you can learn more at Euybike's official website.

The cost of charging depends on the size of your battery and the is the cost of electricity in your area. If your battery is 48V 25Ah, the total battery capacity is 1200 Wh and the electricity cost is $0.10 per kWh, which means you need to spend $0.12-$0.14 to charge the battery each time (when the battery is empty). Electric bikes save you quite a bit on gasoline costs compared to driving.

The cost of taking the bus and subway depends on your region. In New York, you'll need to buy a 30-day unlimited transit pass for $127. In Chicago, it's $75. If you need to use public transportation throughout the year, you'll be spending upwards of $900, which is the price you can get for a decent e-bike. The results are obvious, Compared with the cost of taking the bus and subway, riding an electric bike is cost-effective.

Euybike S4 Moped-Styly E-Bike

The Quality of Electric Bikes

If you want to save money on public transport and gas by riding an e-bike, the first thing you need to know is whether it can last for a long period.
One of the critical factors in deciding whether an electric bike is worth buying is its quality. The duration of an electric bike can be influenced by two factors.

On the one hand, electric bikes with better quality include solid aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy frames, long-lasting batteries, motors, controllers, and so on. Because once these parts are damaged, it becomes irreparable or needs to cost you a lot of money to be repaired. Therefore, once you decide to buy an e-bike, a high-quality electric bicycle is your most cost-effective investment, and later maintenance and repair will become easier.

On the other hand, the usage time also depends on how you ride your e-bike. If you ride on flat terrain, it will most likely last longer than riding on mountainous terrain. Riding on mountainous terrain will make your electric bike consume more, such as its tires wearing more and battery power will drain faster. But generally speaking, if you do routine maintenance on your e-bike, it will last 8-10 years or even longer. If you want to know more about maintaining your electric bike, you can check out How Often Should I Maintain My Electric Bike?

Benefits of Electric Bikes

In addition, evaluating whether it is worth buying also requires knowing the benefits of riding an electric bike.

The first and foremost benefit is that you don't have to worry about rising oil prices. Gasoline prices are getting more and more expensive, making it more expensive to take a taxi or drive yourself. With electric bikes, no matter how high the price of gasoline goes up, it's none of your business and you can enjoy a leisurely ride on the road. Besides, the e-bike market is saturated and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper so you will be able to get a good quality e-bike at a lower price.

Secondly, you can keep healthy and commute at the same time. When you pedal the electric bike commute, you are also exercising.

Another advantage is that you won't have time anxiety and can arrange your time freely.


Although electric bikes have many advantages, whether they are worth buying depends on your current situation. For example, the distance of your commute, whether are there any slopes on your route that make you tired, and your budget, and so on.

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