Are E-bikes good for commuting?

Euy K6 commuting e-bike

Living in a world where the population is growing day by day, and therefore the number of used cars - it is refreshing and interesting to see someone riding a bike or e-bike. Thanks to the advancement of today's technology, today we ride very reliable and high-quality e-bikes. For example, you will see that many manufacturers like Euy electric bikes are implementing the latest technologies that will allow you to ride as safely as possible on an e-bike. This opportunity is remarkable because it has opened many other doors such as traveling by e-bike to work. Until a few years ago, it was funny to see someone go to work by bike - because it was not so often and weird.

Today, almost everyone recommends using e-bikes to save energy consumption, pollute nature and the environment less and make the flow of people through the city fast and uninterrupted.


One of the many benefits is driving in the morning hours of pleasant weather - it has a calming effect on you, speeds up your metabolism, and effectively wakes you up. During the trip to work, you will just do one mini-workout where you can burn up to 400 calories (about 62 minutes) by riding a Euy K6 electric bike.


You have probably seen many states ministers travel to work on their e-bikes, such as in Norway, Denmark, Estonia... Precisely because the e-bike ride is interesting and great for maintaining your health, we bring you a few more interesting things:


  • Save a lot of time by going to work by Euy K6, there are no more huge delays to work, waiting too long in traffic jams in the city or looking for parking for too long. It's simple - e-bikes are faster in city driving than cars. You can move more easily and get to the desired place, and the fact that they take up less space than cars - makes it easier to find a place for them.


  • Saying that e-bikes are fast, the first thought might be getting hurt, in fact, these e-bikes are very reliable and safe - only in case, you know how to ride them :). Be sure to wear helmets and use bicycle lights properly. Also, make sure you are always visible to other people so that someone doesn't accidentally bump into you and hurt you.


  • Today's technology is a miracle. Charging your e-bike is like charging your smartphone? Yes! - With one cable and one socket, you are ready to charge the e-bike battery, which can cover up to 125 miles (about half the length of New York State) in one charge. It is a little bit catchy that the mileage of your bike depends on how you ride it and at what speed. But there is always an electric charger somewhere in the city if it is needed. If your battery runs out - just remember that you are driving a bike and that means you have pedals. It is not hard :). By using super-fast chargers, you can shorten the charging time, but be careful with that, because the battery also shortens its lifespan. To charge a Euy K6 E-bike you need between 3-4 hours which is perfect when you are resting.


  • E-bike is a revolutionary product in the market and engineers have managed to make it so comfortable and agile. Although they can be difficult, they are very easy to manage because they come with a large number of features and auxiliary functions. And that's where we are so proud of our Euy electric bike - Euy K6 is a dedicated commuter electric bike that will make your trip to work reliable and safe. It has dual absorbers which means a comfortable everyday ride to the work. Yaaay!


  • E-bike riding is efficient! There is no need to worry about how much you will pollute nature and the environment like when you drive a car. You help save the world's energy and reduce pollution. You do not increase CO2 in nature - which is a very important feature for the state of today's world. It means that our Euy K6 is pollute-free and will maintain the health of nature. Euy K6 has three modes: human riding mode, electric mode, and intelligent-power assisted mode. They all make it easier to drive an e-bike depending on your need in that situation.


  • It is pragmatic and easy to manage! - Is there anything easier than changing gears on an e-bike? Probably no... :). Most e-bikes use 3 speeds that change automatically, or you can change them at the touch button, but in addition to these electric ones, there are several mechanical speeds. The simple rule always applies when you are starting to ride be sure that you are at the lowest speed, and as you accelerate you switch to a higher speed. It's really for everyone - from the youngest to the oldest ones. The Euy K6 E-bikes initial Max speed is 15.5MPH, and it can reach 22MPH after the speed limit is lifted.


  • You can go longer than with a regular bike. This feature is great because when you can't guess, you don't have to. Switch to electric mode and just drive where you want and don't sweat anymore! From the Metropolitan Museum to Chinatown, you need only 15 minutes compared to the 30 minutes driving a car.


  • We should say it loud: e-bikes look so good and that's the case with the Euy K6. It's made from magnesium and magnesium-alloy which is so shiny and looks very pleasing to the eye. It really attracts other people's attention.


  • Well, in case someone didn't tell you: you look like a real model on an e-bike. Today it is a cool thing to be seen riding an e-bike. The more time you save, the bigger your opportunities in this society are! Remember that time is money.


Using a commuting e-bike today is the perfect thing. Fewer worries and less stress will definitely help you focus better on your life goals than whether you will get to work on time. The e-bike like Euy K6 brings you just that. Less stress and better health. We just recommend using a Euy bike to go to work.

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