2022 Cycling Gift for Dad

2022 Cycling Gift for Dad

Will you give your father razors, shoes, belts, watches, lighters, and wallets this year?

If you are planning to give an electric bike, this would be the best gift for dad. if you prepared 2022 cycling gift for dad.

Father's Day in 2022 is Sunday, June 19th, and many people who work in the city will choose to go home to be with their fathers. So, have you prepared a Father's Day gift for your father this year Father's Day when you get home?

A survey shows that many men aged 50-70 go out every day, of course, not every day. It might just be going to a brother or friend's house on the road every few days. Maybe go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. Maybe go to the forest for some fresh air. Maybe go to the beach and blow the sea breeze. These are all short-distance trips. Today, with the deterioration of the environment, we should consider environmentally friendly travel. Especially for older people, walking or cycling will be a priority when going out.

However, walking can only solve the travel needs within 0.5 miles, and bicycles can only solve the travel needs of 2.5 miles. In addition, our dad is getting older and can't walk 8 miles and ride 30 miles as casually as he did when he was younger. Therefore, a reliable electric bicycle has become the best choice. Traveling on an electric bike can ensure a certain amount of physical exercise. When you feel tired, you can quickly return home by turning on the accelerator mode. In addition, you should know what electric bikes make the best Father's Day gift.

Euy K6 is an electric bike that is more suitable for the city.

It is more adaptable to the city's crowded streets, and the flat road will not be bumpy. It can be folded to take the bus or subway and put in the trunk. In your less spacious apartment, it's easier to fold and put aside. The K6 e-bike is balanced in performance, price, and battery. The battery is removable, and it is safer to take it out for charging.

The Euy F6 is a mountain-ready electric bike.

The 20 x 4.0 inch fat tires are a comfortable, all-terrain bike. Whether in the forest, sand, beach, or mountain, it's up to the task. It can go 60-80 miles long-range riding; the F6 is equipped with a large 48V 20Ah battery 750W powerful motor; it is simply a long-distance electric bike expert.

Euy NXB is an all-terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike.

 The NXB is equipped with front fork shock absorption and seat shock absorption and is a rare all-terrain full shock absorption fat tire E-bike. The NXB uses 20 inch x 4.0 inch fat tires, suitable for snow, sand, gravel road, etc. The NXB fat tire electric bike, Designed for snow, beach, hill, park, or cities. This is a gift for dads who love to ride bikes.

Euy offers these models of bikes, and there are many more models that are not described, which can be found at www.euybike.com for more electric bikes. Give your father a bicycle as a gift, and he will be delighted; no man can refuse the joy of riding. We also have a Father's Day sale right now, with $100 off a single bike (code: DAD100) and $300 off two bikes with code: DAD300). Find your favorite electric bike today! And take it home!

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