Euybike K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Folding Electric Bike
K6 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Electric Bike
K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

K6 Pro Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

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  • The K6 Pro is an Upgraded of Euy’s flagship K6 e-bike. It features an even more powerful 1000W motor and a unique magnesium alloy frame. This lightweight frame gives riders an ultrafast experience, allowing them to reach top speeds with minimal power.

    - EUY eBikes are free shipping in the US and are 95% assembled. Just unfold the folded electric bike and ride it.
    - All EUY electric bikes come with a one-year warranty.

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    Go Full Throttle With Full Suspension

    Euybike K6 Pro

    Euybike K6 Pro fat tire Electric Bike, the updated version of Euy K6, is equipped with a powerful 1000W motor and a large capacity 48V 25Ah Samsung battery. The mileage of the K6 Pro e-bike is 50~50 miles range with electric and 80~88 miles with pedal assist. When going downhill, the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes have shorter braking times.

    • 1000 W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • 48V 25Ah

      Battery Capacity

    • 9-10 Hours

      Charging Time

    • 80 Miles

      Estimate Range

    • 400 Lbs

      Payload Capacity

    • 8 Speed

      Gear Shift

    • Experience Rding with A Powerful 1000W Electric bike

      Samsung 48V 25Ah Battery 20" x 4.0" Fat Tire 80 Miles
      K6 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike At Daytime
    • Experience Rding with A Powerful 1000W Electric bike

      Samsung 48V 25Ah Battery 20" x 4.0" Fat Tire 80 Miles
      K6 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike At Night
    • Light
    • Dark

    Aviation Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

    The payload capacity of other brands of electric bikes is mostly 275bs.

    Euybike K6 Pro uses a magnesium alloy frame, which is generally used in the automotive and aviation industries. The strength is significantly higher than that of aluminum alloy. It has high toughness and strong shock absorption. Magnesium alloy frame can absorb 1.5 times the energy of aluminum alloy when subjected to impact load.

    5'7"~ 6'5"

    Recommended Heights

    400 LBS

    Payload Capacity

    81 LBS


    Powerful 1000W brushless motor

    Upgraded E-max motor. The K6 Pro electric bike is equipped with a 1000W high-speed brushless motor, Peak 1500W, which has stronger climbing power and provides enough power for your daily commuting or mountain climbing. 0 to 15 mph only takes 1.6 seconds. Strong climbing ability, easy to conquer steep terrain.


    Motor Power


    Max Motor Torque

    Samsung 48V 25Ah Large Capacity Battery

    The K6 Pro e-bike equipped a Samsung 48V 25Ah battery, it can last 50-55 miles when fully charged, and 80-88 miles in pedal-assist mode, which is enough for a day's daily commuting and adventure needs.
    Detachable battery design, detachable for separate charging or direct charging. Removable battery, 8-10 hours for a full charge. IPX5 Water-Resistant Rating, you don't have to worry about it in heavy rain.

    55-88 Miles

    Per Charge

    1200 Wh

    Total Battery Capacity

    8-10 Hours

    To Fully Charge


    Water-Resistant Rating

    Multifunctional LCD Display

    Backlight display, simplified action buttons for easier use.
    With a multifunctional display, you can view accurate information on speed, mileage, battery capacity, fault reminder, etc.


    Displays the current riding speed.

    Battery Capacity

    A fuel gauge for your electrons.


    Calculate how many miles you ride.

    Gear meter

    5 levels of gear adjustment

    USB Charging

    Charge your phone anytime.

    An RV-ready ebike

    The K6 Pro is perfect for RVs, apartments, or other places where space is at a premium. The K6 Pro Folding e-bike fits in most places where an e-bike won't fit. Simply fold it, store it. Simply unfold the bike, then hit the streets or go off-road.

    Updated Brake : All-weather Stopping Power

    Truly an all-weather ebike, hydraulic-disc brakes provide better stopping power. Hydraulic Brake with confidence in any weather condition.
    The K6 Pro is equipped with brakes that have been tested for all-weather braking ability. After EBR safety and brake test, the average stopping distance is 18'-11”, which is currently the best performance they've seen on a moped-style e-bike. It's also just under their broad current average of 19' which accounts for all of the e-bikes they've tested.


    Average Stopping Distance

    180 mm


    20x4 Inch KENDA Fat Tires

    20x4 Inch KENDA ALL-TERRAIN Tires

    20x4 inch KENDA all-terrain fat tire that also has excellent traction on wet and uneven surfaces.
    Ergonomic Seat for Fat Tire Bike

    Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle

    Suitable for long-distance riding, Improves riding posture and reduce back pain.
    K6 Pro Ebike Half Twist Throttle

    Half-twist throttle

    Smooth acceleration, easy control, less fatigue, improved safety.
    Fat Electric Bike Hydraulic Brake

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    The 160mm hydraulic disc brakes give you reliable and powerful braking power on both wet and dry roads.
    Fat Tire E Bike Headlight


    Advanced racing-level LED headlights, high-brightness headlight rings, and a long range of illumination can improve the safety of night riding.
    Bike Flashing Tail Lights

    Bike Flashing Warning Lights

    Bright bike tail lights, visibility up to 300 feet. Warn cars or bikes behind.
    Shimano 8 Speed Gear Shift

    Shimano 8 Speed Gear Shift

    Upgraded Shimano 8 Speed Gear Shift. Mountain bike grade Gear Shift, better performance than normal 7-speed gear shift.
    Electric Bike Large Rear Rack

    Large Back Rack

    Sturdy large diameter alloy tubing with three stays on either side of the rack. The payload capacity is up to 200lbs.
    Lockable Hydraulic Shock Absorber Front Fork

    Lockable Hydraulic Shock Absorber Front Fork

    The lockable hydraulic front fork is an upgraded version of the coil fork, and the performance of absorbing bumps, shocks and impacts is 1.5 times that of the coil front fork.


    • Brand EUY

    • Battery Samsung 48V 25Ah lithium battery

    • Battery weight 9.8 lbs

    • Range 50~55miles (throttle)

    • Range 80~88miles (pas)

    • Hub Motor 1000W rear hub motor

    • Maximum load 400 lbs

    • Recommended Rider Heights 5'7" ~ 6'5"

    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 Pedal-Assist levels

    • Model K6 Pro

    • Charger 48V/2A

    • Battery size 19.48"*3.14"*4.17"

    • Charging Time 8~9 Hrs

    • Display LCD display

    • Max speed 28MPH (legally required in US)

    • Max torque 96N.m

    • Weight 81 lbs (with battery)

    • Weight  71.2 lbs (without battery)


    • Tires 20" x4.0"fat tires

    • Wheels Aluminum alloy wheels

    • Throttle Half twist throttle

    • Brake lever Hydraulic grip-style brake lever

    • Freewheel Shimano 8 speed gear shift

    • Brake 180mm Hydraulic disc brakes

    • Chain KMC chain

    • Pedal Foldable pedals with reflectors

    • Frame Magnesium alloy frame

    • Front Fork Lockable Hydraulic Shock Absorber Front Fork

    • Front Light 48V LED light

    • Saddle Adjustable height 11.8"

    • Handlebar Adjustable height 5.9"

    • Fenders Plastic


    • A -- Total Length 69"
    • B -- Handlebar Height 46"
    • C -- Rear Rack Height 25"
    • D -- Maximum Seat Height 46". Minimum Seat Height 35"
    • E -- Top tube length 23.6"
    • F -- Stand height 25"
    • G -- Handlebar Length 28"
    • H -- Wheel diameter 20"
    • Folded Length 38.6"
    • Folded Width 14" ; Folded Height 46"



    Check out these testimonials!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    John Foard
    Assume euybike

    Very please and excited about my new Camogold k6. Haven't got to ride it yet due to very raining weather but have got ebike cycle carrier all setup and completed the first tie down on it. Anxious to take my first ride. Many possitve compliments from neighbors.

    Great bike!

    Great bike. You will be very happy.

    Brock Anderson
    Just arrived today.

    First ride. Smooth, powerful bike.
    I will start adding stuff next paycheck. First the basket for the back. Then rod holders to attach to the basket. Phone holder, small fire extinguisher. Cup holder. Rear view mirrors . I love this bike.

    Brian Colby
    Absolutely nice e-bike

    Absolutely wonderful bike. Although slower than I thought it would be for 1500w. Wish I could unlock speed limiter.

    Patricia Yocum
    Not how it looks

    If you’re looking for this really cool gold color, you’re not going to get it. It is actually Army green. A little disappointing because you think you’re getting one color but you get something else. I also ordered this by the picture with the really cool tires, but didn’t get those either. So, I feel I was definitely took. If you knew the tires were changed to just black, at least you guys could’ve called/emailed me to see if I still wanted the bike or not or change to grey. I definitely would’ve changed to the color grey. However, I am now stuck with Army green and black tires.